Thursday, 3 January 2008

Thursday 3/2

Type: Easy
Time: 28mins 30secs
Distance: 3.3miles
Pace: 8.40m/m

A good easy run today. Was tired but made myself get up and took a quick bowl of frosted wheats (maybe not the best cereal) and that fuelled me on. The first part of the route was quite hilly too - through the woods at the back of the house. Want to go out on WHW tomorrow morning though will need to get up quite early to do that I think!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Wednesday 2/1

Type: Steady
Time: 44mins
Distance: 5.45miles
Pace: 8.05m/m

This was a brilliant run today, I'm so pleased. I was kind of freaked out over how bad Sunday's run was, and I'd kind of forced myself into thinking I was doing a long run today. But I was still fairly tired from the New Year's festivites so decided to keep this one a steady one. The voice on my ipod isn't working unfortunately. think I might have to send it back.
Not that I make resolutions, but if I did, it would be to stick to a marathon schedule. I really have to! The Edinburgh marathon ballot is drawn on 15th, so fingers crossed!!