Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wednesday 31/3

Time: 42mins 30secs
Distance: 5.10miles
Pace: ~8.15min/mile

The usual story - was incredibly tired tonight after getting in from work but decided to head out and get some fresh air. I was really pleased with this run, as the mid section is a long, winding uphill for almost a mile which I managed to keep roughly the same pace on.

My heel has been giving me some trouble over the past few runs - it's really sore on my right foot. I'm really busy this weekend so will probably have to do a long run on Friday morning...but I'm worried my heel will halt the distance on my long run. If it gets as sore as it was on the Drymen run I'm not sure I will be able to do it properly. Oh well, we'll see.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday 29/3

Distance: 4.75miles
Pace: 1.85mile jog then 9x30sec hill sprints with jog recovery plus 1mile jog

Good, strong hs session today. Went out during the afternoon since I was off and was quite surpirsed at how busy my hilly road is! It kind of does spur you on though, because you don't want to look like a wimp who can't atually make it up the hill by standing at the foot of it for too long!

I hear hill sprints are great for building endurance and I feel they really helped me during the prep for my last few marathons...but I wonder if I'm gettin any use out of doing the same reps every 2 weeks, or if I should try the 1 min sprints again on a different hill. They were so tough and I know I didn't run as fast during them...maybe going a little slower but for longer is better...I just don't know!!

In other news my sponsorship page is now up and running! Check it out at:

Saturday 27/3

Time: 31mins
Distance: 3.5miles
Pace: 8.40min/mile

Just a quick easy one. Didn't want my heel to flare up again liek it did after the long run on Thursday, so kept it fairly short. I also am quite proud of the fact that I managed to get out during one of the only 35 minute periods when it wasn't raining!!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursday 25/3 - Long Run on a Thursday??

Time: 2hrs 30mins
Distance: 16.15miles
Pace: ~9.20min/mile

Having had a half day from work today and being off until Tuesday (!!!) I decided to take full advantage of the holiday and kick it off with a nice long run. I only realised this morning that the marathon is a week earlier than I thought!! So I aimed to do around 15miles today. Pleasantly surprised myself too.

Ran around Milngavie for about 3.5miles, then headed onto the WHW towards Drymen. It was a pissy day, annoyingly. It started to rain at the Beech Tree and was pretty solid therein. Also, at one of the crossings with the stiles there were loads of cows in the way! I was so scared because they were all moo-ing and stuff, I ended up breaking off a large branch and shooing them....then bolting across the pathway. I didn't even risk stopping to open the fence, haha. I just squeezed through a tiny hole in the side....and got a horrible feeling a minute later that a cow may have done the same thing and followed me =|

Oh the joys. Was a lot further to Drymen than I remember from the Beech Tree, I must say. My new shoes were hurting my feet quite badly, and I was struggling on the hills approaching Drymen, despite my muscles feeling fine. Consequently, my pacing was a little out. I think I did those sections at more of a 10min/mile pace. to kick start my holiday with a HUGE dinner =D Seems strange to not have to be running this weekend, too. Hopefully I will have time to cycle or walk a hill now.

Tuesday 23/3

Distance: 5.10miles
Pace: ~8.45min/mile

Have been incredibly tired this week, and legs were still tight from the run+hill climb last weekend, so kept it easy on this run. Did include a few hills, for kicks and giggles.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday 20/3 - Walk up Conic Hill

Had a great walk up Conic Hill today with Derek! I'm not really one for walking, but this was great. Took some great pictures, although my legs were quite tight from yesterday...think that's the problem with not eating before I go out running.

Anyway, loads of walkers out today and plenty of sunshine! Photos to follow.

Friday 19/3
Time: 1hr 55mins
Distance: 12.55miles
Pace: ~8.50min/mile (faster at times)

Up and out the door by 6.35am this morning before work! Very keen, eh? Wanted to get a long run done this morning because I was planning on walking up Conic Hill on Saturday. Couldn't really go too far, as the latest I can go into work is 10am.

Did roughly the same route as last week which was really good. I did, however, add a big part on to the start which seemed not to make a great difference. A tad annoying, but hey. I think I started to peak in my marathon training too soon.

Not sure I could continue these early morning runs after next week though - doubt I could get out and run 20 miles before 9am! I could try though.... Oh, and I cancelled the physio appointment for tomorrow....I'll try my luck with the shoes...even though I wore the old ones out on this run.

These bleedin' shoes are causing me more time and effort than they're worth!!!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wednesday 17/3

Time: 34mins
Distance: 4.05miles
Pace: All over the place

Braved the new shoes tonight and went a run in them. They definitely hurt my feet, and they slip up at the back of my right heel. The guy in Achilles Heel told me to tie my laces really tightly, so I did. But man, my foot went numb! Both my feet did! and the shoe was still slipping on the right foot. It's really annoying. I wonder what to do about it.

Last Saturday, I took my shoes back to Achilles Heel. The guy looked at the way I walk and said that is the problem, not my shoes. To be honest, now I'm thinking he was fobbing me off...because I ended up getting a physio appointment which is this Saturday and the shoes are still hurting me. I fail to see how having run the way I have for all these years without problems, that the minute I buy new shoes I get problems,...and it's my fault? Suspicious.

I'm still debating whether to pay £30 for the physio appointment or try to get one at Milngavie Health Centre. Will wait and see on that one...I'm not one who tolerates wasting money!!

Tuesday 16/3

Time: 55mins
Distance: ~6.4 miles

Did a 1.85mile jog to warm up, then 8 x 30 sec hill sprints...then 2 quite pathetic ones! Met my dad on my jog back and went with him on his route for a little while but he wanted to keep going, so I turned back. Tried to run quite fast up the final hill and quite enjoyed it....Mumford and Son's "Little Lion Man" blasting in my headphones.

What a great run!! And my dad went on to do a 9.5miler which has seriously boosted his confidence. I'm very proud of him!

Sunday 14/3 - run with Dad and Derek

Time: 55 mins
Distance: ~5.5miles
Pace: ~10min/mile

Went out with Dad and Derek a wee run round the woods. Was really nice, and we were all feeling quite strong. I'm glad I waited to run with my dad...even though I was complaining about wanting to run in the sun earlier on in the day!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday 12/3 - A long run in old shoes

Time: 1hr 52mins
Distance: 12.45 miles
Pace: ~9 min/mile

Whaw, I impressed myself this morning! Having the day off work to do my dissertation and debating whether to get up or not, I lay until just after 7 then got up, put some cream on the cat's wound (poor thing), had a banana (& a little cereal), and headed onto WHW.

Wasn't really too sure where I was going to just let the wind (or sun, rather - glorious day!!) carry me. Went up the Khyber Pass and towards Mugdock. Got strangely attracted to the fields towards just climbed a fence and went! I wasn't really very sure where the path would take me....because there wasn't really one! I ended up doing a bit of a loop round a loch then onto another field where I found myself surrounded by deer!! It was pretty unreal.

The deer in question...

and the view from the field.

All in all this was a great run, and I had no hassle with my old shoes. Of course I can feel wee aches and pains here and there, but nothing like the pain I'm feeling with the new ones - they definitely need to go back. I'm also incredibly proud I ran almost a half marathon without eating breakfast or drinking water enroute =D I think you feel fresher when you're not bogged down with waterbottles and the like.

Oh! And as promised, Spiderman from last Friday's run... oooh and an ahh!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tuesday 9/3 - New frelling shoes

Distance: 3.55 miles
Pace: 8.45 (warm up) 8.15 for rest

So soooo tired....could barely keep my eyes open but just KNEW if I ran I'd feel I did. Am trying this new 1 hard 1 easy week strategy before the marathon...that is I have one week of "hard" training including a >average midweek long run and hill sprints, then one "easy" week...i.e. just doing really whatever the h*ll I feel like. This is, most definitely, an easy week!!!!

Ok onto the pressing thing. Frell my new shoes (been watching a loooot of Farscape of late). The guy in the shop said that the ones he sold me would give me adequate arch support, as I sometimes (and I mean RARELY) get a wee pain in the arch of my foot, as though that muscle is stretching really tight.

So, I go out a run in my new shoes. Not a member of the gym any more, so had to just go on a non-muddy path to try them. I did notice that they slipped, remember. Ok, so fine, I thought. Next run I did (details to follow), I feel this agony pain in my arch of the foot where the shoe was slipping. It's so sore, worse than it ever has been...and all I've been doing is running slowly on a flat path!

And again on this run, my arch was acheing with every footstep. It's fine to start, and only happens after I've been running for about 2 miles. But then it's recurrent and pretty damn annoying. I was in 2 minds - the shoes are filthy, as the runs have been on WHW, and they really probably couldn't be sold again. BUT, I've paid £85 quid for them (actually less with student discount) and the guy told me they would be fine for me. And they're not. So really, who is in the wrong here?

Either way, I phoned Achilles Heel and they've told me to bring my old shoes and my new shoes in on Saturday and they'd see what they can do. Oh the joys.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, other runs:

Sunday 6/3

Distance: ~6.5miles

Did a run/walk combo on the pipetrack between Stockiemuir Road and Dumbarton with dad. Covered in we had to walk at some parts. Ended up running the last 3.5miles solid though.

Friday 5/3

Distance: 9.1miles
Pace: 8.40min/mile

Run on WHW, quite early and really good! Photos to follow....saw Spiderman on a tree! (Not the real one, obviously)

In other news...Wedding planning is BORING. I am against any kind of "wedding package" and think those who endorse "wedding packages" are scum and should respect the individuals involved by NOT extorting ridiculous amounts of money out of them for stupid food/drink that would otherwise cost a fraction of the price. ARGH.

Ok, rant over. I'd have a BYOB Garden wedding if I could. If only...

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wednesday 3/3 - A Twilight Run

Distance: 6miles
Pace: ~8.30min/mile (4m@8.40m/m, 2m@8.15m/m)
Time: 50mins

Had sort of psyched myself up for this run, so by the time I shot off from work (and I mean SHOT out of there at 4.01pm) I was raring to go. Had some cereal when I got in and sat on the bed to let it digest (I'm very tired these days)...I almost lay down but I thought that if I lay down, I'd just go to sleep and there would be no running for me.

Headed out just as it was getting dark in my new shoes. The sun was setting and it was really, really nice. Now, my new shoes are goregous. Finally got around to uploading my phone photos:



Yes, they are nice. But you know what I didn't realise until about 3 miles into the (muddy) run? They slip up and down at the heel of my right foot =| Is this ok? I don't know. I vaguely remember my (now old) shoes doing it when they were new (on their first run which was incidentally on the same path as tonight)...but idk. I will have to keep an eye on the situation, as it's too late to return them now. I guess walking around the house to wear them in isn't at all like running in them!

In other news here's a photo last time I was on WHW early on saturday morning:

Nice, isn't it? The loch was frozen solid and all glittery (: Oh, and while we're on the photo story here's a funny one which I looked up from my book to the other night:

Honestly, my cat thinks he is a man. It's unbelievable! Not to mention undignified!

Oh! and whilst I remember...did anybody see Kelvinbridge subway station when it had the paintings all over the walls? (Not sure if it still does!)

Stunning, huh?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Monday 1/3 - hill sprints

Time: ~50mins
Distance: 4.8miles

With a hop and a skip I was out tonight...after deciding to just bite the bullet and do my hill sprints.

Ran warm up for 1.85miles then did 9 x 25sec hill sprints with jog recoveries. Then ran about 1.4miles cool down and did another hill sprint for about 1 min. It was tough and to be honest I really couldn't make it to the 30second mark any of the first 9 times! Maybe it's because I was doing it on the tough pavement or something, but I found it incredibly mentally challenging to keep going for the whole time. Was pleased when my legs hurt a little today though.

Oh, but I did hurt the top of my foot just onto my shin. Think my shoes are completely worn out. I tried to wear my new shoes but I just don't want to wreck them, I know that sounds awful. Will just have to bite the buller next time I go out I reckon.

Sunday 28/2

Time: ~35mins
Distane: 4.5miles
Pace: 8.40min/mile

After a days rest yesterday I was feeling good so headed out onto some hills for this run. I really like running hills - feels like a real challenge now. Not sure that incorporating too many of them into my Edinburgh Marathon training would be good though. We'll see.