Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday 28/6

Time: ~43mins
Distance: 5.25miles
Pace: 8.10min/mile (8.30 slower + 7.50 bursts)

Did this run in the West End after work today. Got out just as it started raining, which was actually surprisingly refreshing after having worked from quite early this morning. I also got a few bits and bobs sorted out personally, so I felt quite uplifted despite my hunger!

I did a slowish pace on the uphills and then pushed it on the flat and downhills, though towards the end I was going fairly quickly on the uphills too.

I did end up rowing hard for 15mins afterwards looking quite out of place like a wet rat on a rowing machine... all in the name of fitness!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday 27/6 - Bring on the Cross Training

Well, it has been a wee while since the last post. As usual, work has been hectic and I've been really busy outside work...the usual excuses. Also had a decision to make recently that will change the shape of my that has been fun (not). Things are beginning to ease off now though, and I think I have worked everything out for the most part. So I'm beginning to look forward to the summer!

As for running, I've not really been doing as much as I should have...but I have loved the runs I've done. My heel has still been very sore, and I have been to the Orthotics clinic where I was told that basically one foot (left) over pronates, whilst the right under pronates. Without sounding like a joke too much, I was told that basically there is an increased risk I might just topple over to the right...yes, I was actually told this. On a more serious note though he said that's why I'm getting pain in my achilles tendon. Apparently all the muscles are being pulled round my foot to the outside because my footstrike is so far to the right...if that makes sense. Hence they are being worked a bit too hard.

So, I'm having orthotic insoles made and hopefully that will remedy things. In the meantime I have been doing a lot of swimming. I'm not really a master of swimming but generally do work quite hard for the time I'm in the pool. The other day I did 30 lengths consecutively, 20 of which were front crawl and is always a bit challenging for me with the breathing!

Run-wise, I have this:

Saturday 26/6

Time: ~1h35
Distance: 10.45miles
Pace: ~9.10 min/mile

This was really just to test whether my heel was ok or not. It was wonderfully sunny though so ended up being a nice solid run. I also ran without headphones or anything (despite running like that for the last few runs) and it was quite a liberating experience. I know there is a huge debate about running with headphones, but I generally look forward to my runs more when I have some good music to listen to enroute. Don't really get much of a chance to listen to it any other time, so I see no problem with listening to it while running.

Had to cut this run short though as we were meeting a friend to do a Cathcart circle pub crawl (oh, the joys). Did about 7 stops and had about 2 units of alcohol! Not a big drinker I must say...and when they decided to go to McDonalds for dinner myself, Derek and another one of our friends went to a restaurant to refuel properly (8

Saturday 19/6 - Support run for WHW race

Distance: 28 miles
Time: ~7h45 (plus stops)

This was one of my best runs yet, despite being some good solid hiking in some places! Derek and I drove up to Tyndrum to meet a friend from work's brother who was running the WHW race. It's his 4th year doing it but he had to stop at Kingshouse last year due to knee problems. He seemed disheartened that his sub 24 hour goal was out, but nonetheless he was surprisingly chipper throughout the whole time I was with him!

I had only planned to go to Glencoe Ski Club but we were having some great chats, and the weather was just terrific so I checked Derek was ok and kept going to Kinlochleven. Richard had quite a few people supporting including my friend from work and they were superb...always giving us food and massaging him! I didn't eat much the whole time, just a mini flapjack and a nutrigrain bar. I was STARVING when I finished! Plus the midges in Kinlochleven were appalling.

All in all I totally loved the day out, even though it was really a split between hiking and running. He did so well and went on to finish in about 25hours 50 mins. It gave me a good taste and desire to run in Devil of the Highlands...which I found out I was allocated a place in! I also thought about people who run the WHW race and how brave you need to be to do it! Even if you can't run the whole way it's still an achievement to keep on walking when all you want to do is stop. And also the fact that people will give up their whole weekends to support you is just so kind. Derek, my Mum, Dad and friend James have all offered to support me in the Devil, so thank you to them!

Hopefully I'll be able to make them all proud =D

Photos to follow!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday 14/6

Distance: 5.5miles
Pace: ~8.40min/mile

Just a gentle run in the west end after work today. Felt quite weak at first as hadn't had a lot to eat at lunch, but I built up speed and finished really strong going up Clarence's one heck of a hill...and added challenge to sprint across the road at the top to catch the green man! =D Rowed a teensy bit afterwards but was going to meet Derek for a coffee (also lovely!). All in all a very fun evening!

Friday, 11 June 2010

11/6 - Bridge of Orchy Run

Well, all went well and my heel was ok for the past few days. We had a night at Bridge of Orchy planned a while ago and I was gutted I might not be able to run because of my heel. I had actually planned to take my bike but the chain had seized up as I hadn't used it in so long! We didn't have time to fix it yesterday morning, so I took that as a decision I should be running anyway ;D We went up straight from work last night and went a wee walk and had a lovely meal. This morning we had a HUGE breakfast (can't believe I'm so hungry these days...) and after spending about 45mins fixing Derek's bike (how I love blowing up inner tubes and having them deflate themselves whilst trying to find the source of the deflation), after which, we headed off. I have mapped the run below.

We ran/cycled along the WHW to the lodge before entering onto rannoch moor-esque expanse. We then turned left and ran along the path towards Loch Etive (I think). It was a lovely path along the grass, really quite busy though. We ran along to the waterfall, stopped for a sandwich, got eaten by midges then headed back. I was actually feeling pretty good so we decided to head up the wee road by Victoria bridge. It took some turns here and there and we weren't really sure where it was headed so we turned back and came back along WHW to B.o.O. 16.05 miles in total.

It rained a little and was sunny a little but overall quite a dry, mild day. We did stop a few times to decide which way to go, have a snack or walk up a hill here and there...this wasn't a training run after all! However on the whole I ran well, and even ran most of the way up the big hill out of Inveroran at the end of the run! Was well pleased about that (: Derek had a wee bit of trouble pushing his bike up some tough hills...makes me wonder how I'll find cycling the way in 2 days next month given I've not actually cycled since January!

On the whole, we were out from about 11.30am to 4pm. Not a very fast pace, but a really enjoyable run and very pleased I felt good afterwards. Because of the softness of the ground, my heel is ok now too. We think we may make this a regular thing now, too! Maybe do Inversnaid to Tyndrum next time!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Long time, no blog

Yes, it has been a while. I'd like to say that my busy life has stopped me blogging (it most definitely has been busy) but it's really more that I haven't actually run since the marathon. Shock horror, I know. This isn't really through any other reason than I haven't really had time, or felt the need to run. In fact, it has been quite relaxing to NOT run for a while. I rejoined the gym, so have been swimming quite a lot and done a little bit of cross-training. I'm happy with that. I like to swim/splash about the pool. If only I had proper coordination on the breast stroke, I'd be a swimming master! Certainly I like to put a float between my knees and swim for lengths (I was corrected for referring to them as "laps") of the pool using only my arms. A little muscular arm pain never hurt anyone!

If only I could say the same for my feet...

Since the marathon, the niggling pain in my right heel has actually been fine. That is, until yesterday. I went out a run at the gym last night in the west end, which was lovely on such a nice night. I didn't run too fast, just kept it gentle. This morning though, I could barely walk with the pain in my heel.

I am really annoyed, as I thought 2 weeks of non weight bearing activities would be enough to heal whatever damage I had done. Obviously not. It seems to be getting worse and I am at a loss about what to do for it. Should I take more time off running? I will most likely to the GSR again, and Loch ness too. Those aren't for a while away yet so I'm sure I can afford to take the time off for the next few weeks. However I am cycling the whole WHW in 2 days in July, and also have a trip planned to Bridge of Orchy on Thursday which I was really looking forward to as a chance to run on the WHW. Damn. Will have to see how things go...but it's not looking so great right now.

In other news, the fundraising coordinator from Scottish Veterans' Residencies sent me over some pictures she took of me at the marathon. I can't get over this one!

It is such a nice photo, and not from a posey point of view...but just that I was honestly so happy to see them at 17 or so miles, and that feeling is just etched all over my face! Brilliant.

So other than that, I have finished my exams now and am just working. It's strange not having things to do at night...hence the reason I have been at the gym a lot. It's upsetting though, as a lot of people I know are really getting into running. My friend who joined the running club is racing practially every week and does a long run every weekend. I admire his spirit...doing a 16 miler whilst not training for anything isn't something I would do unless there was a great route involved!

So running plans for the future? I'm thinking of buying a nice heart rate monitor, so that I can go out and push myself properly when I need, and then do relaxing runs properly when I need to. I'll give the heel some time. I'm doing calf strengthening exercises. In the meantime will keep up my fitness with the swimming and cross-training. I do enjoy a good cross-train.

And who knows, maybe if things go well I will be able to run on Friday after all...

Here's the two runs from the past week.

Monday 7/6

Time: 40mins
Distance: 4.75miles
Pace: ~8.25min/mile

plus 10 min row

Saturday 5/6

Time: who knows, wasn't timing!
Distance: 4.3miles
Pace: ?

Oh, and as for the wedding...I'm thinking of going down this route. All I need is the millenium falcon to escort me to the ceremony and I'm sorted ;)