Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Long Needed Update - 20/3/11

I can't believe it's almost a quarter of the way through 2011...seems like only a few weeks ago I was updating with photos of the Turbo X! I kept on meaning to take time to update the blog - especially around Christmas time but there was always something getting in the way. I think the fact I haven't raced since the Turbo X has also contributed.

In terms of my own life it has been a turbulent few months. My other half and I, who were both on fixed term contracts at work, got our contracts extended which has been fantastic. Although there are other things looming around the corner now...maybe even a change of location...I foresee it will be another turbulent few months ahead (: And of course there is the wedding. After being nagged supremely I have started to get the ball rolling now and have, with my mum's help, done quite a lot. All we really need to do now are things like flowers, table decorations etc. I call this the last minute stuff but maybe for a wedding at the start of June that's not really a good thing!! We haven't arranged much for the honeymoon yet and are considering just staying in Scotland/UK. We are planning on getting a house/flat when we get married so I, personally, would rather save our money for that.

Oh, and of course, me being me I have an final exam for my Advanced Chemistry course a few days before my wedding...hence I foresee stress a-hoy for me and all those around me (:

Now onto the important stuff...

My running, funnily enough, hasn't taken a nose-dive because of my studies until now. Since the start of the year I have really built my training up well and it's only just now that I am starting to feel the pressure of "having" to train for a race verses the studying I know I should be spending my time doing. I have been running 3/4 times a week and also doing a LOT of cross training - plenty of swimming (50-80 lengths a time) and some muscle conditioning. In a short summary, my long runs have been:

1/1/11: 7.6miles, 1hr 10mins, run in Inverness with Derek
9/1/11: 9.75miles, 1hr 35mins, run to Beech Tree from home
16/1/11: 10.7miles, 1hr 30mins, a road run with my new Garmin ( - weighs a tonne!)
22/1/11: 12.1miles, 1hr 37mins, really hilly run followed by another 4 miles next day
29/1/11: 11.25miles, 1hr 54, Drymen - Balmaha via road & back via Conic Hill
6/2/11: 10.4miles, 1hr 38mins, run out from Stockiemuir to Killearn
14/2/11: 16.7miles, 2hr 23mins, canal run (flat though legs v sore at end!)
20/2/11: 17.2miles, 2hr 30mins, home to Balmaha (excl. Conic Hill)
27/2/11: 13.75miles, 2hr 5mins, ** The most interesting run I've done in ages! Home & Mugdock: First got stuck in a lot of mud, then slashed my leg open, then nearly hit by stupid woman in car, then stopped for a chat to a cyclist, then saw an amazing traffic jam out at Mugdock, of all places!! **

This month has been interesting. Derek and I went to Bridge of Cally at the start of the month then I ran the Cateran trail in 2 days (with him cycling/dragging his bike through mud-clogged fields behind me). Over the 2 days we did:

5/3/11: 29.5miles, ~6hrs (+ stops), B.o.Cally > Kirkton of Glenisla
6/3/11: 20miles, ~4hrs 15mins (+ stops), K.o.Glenisla > B.o.Cally

I must say it didn't really feel like a long training run, I think mainly because I did have to stop quite a lot and wait for Derek. The trail really wasn't meant to be cycled. I was also surprised how empty it was. Massive stretches of just the two of us. We did enjoy it and had great weather. Despite my legs not hurting straight after it, my legs really felt heavy for the rest of the week. So my run the week after was:

13/3/11: 9.85miles (though I'm making it up to 10 due to the hilliness!), 1hr 16mins 50secs, decided to challenge myself and try to race this route. It was SO hilly, but despite that I thought the 1hr 17min 10 mile was pretty good!! My last 10mile race in Toronto was 1hr 20mins. I was v chuffed!


And that brings us to today. I had planned to run from Rowardennan to Bienglas Farm, however a combination of the weather, my not feeling so great and also my guilt over needing to study has meant I have cancelled this run. I do feel guilty, like I haven't really done enough for the Fling. However I didn't do a lot for the Devil due to my toe fracture and still managed well.

My studying is really my priority and if running has to take a back-seat, I'm ok with that. I am concerned about the Fling and actually part of me is thinking of drpping out, as I don't like this unsupported idea. I am thinking though that will they really bother if Derek drives out and meets me during it? I'm unsure, so may email and ask. I think it;s a silly idea for a race and didn't actually know that when I signed up for it (otherwise I wouldn't have). I'm not planning on racing it, but it certainly keeps morale high seeing a friendly face waiting for you when you are feeling low.

So the next few weeks will really be study-central and running is going to be pushed aside. I want to do as well as possible in this exam as part of my future will depend on it.

What a very melodramatic end to this post (: