Thursday, 25 October 2007

Wednesday 24/10

Type: Easy
Time: 28mins
Distance: 3.10miles
Pace: 8.35m/m

Wasn't planning on running this evening but the thought of sitting studying for hours without some of that post-exercise adrenaline was extreme motivation for me to go out. It was a freezing cold night though and I only had a tank top! I'd only brought my running stuff just incase but turns out that, with the pace a little faster, I stayed pretty warm the whole time. And I've been given a new pair of headphones, woo! I swear, hearing some of those dance tracks at full volume for a change REALLY spurred me on!! I was tingling when I got back to the gym and I swear that was the good music....and probably goosebumps. So thank you to anonymous!

I've actually been itching to get out on the WHW, but my cycling buddy's hand is still healing, he's not to cycle for another 6 weeks or so. Looks like that plan will have to be postponed. Just looking forward to heading out there for a couple of hours one crisp winters day.

Tuesday 23/10

Type: Short Fast
Time: 22mins
Distance: 3.10miles
Pace: 7.20m/m

I went really, really fast here. Somebody overtook me at the very start of the run and I tailed them the whole rest of the way...I must admit it was pretty competative, because I was definitely getting faster...and they definitely knew i was there so they must've been speeding up too! The cheek! I hate overtaking people, but racing somebody up a hill just so they don't overtake you is a bit of a joke. I eventually just gave up, crossed the road and ran back. Would have liked to run longer but I needed to tutor later on that night and I was also playing squash again. I've started to feel a little twinge on the inside of my knees when I run which is a little worrying. Luckily though it's both knees, so I'm hoping that the chance of an injury is minimum. Will take a rest on Thursday and do my usual long run on Saturday, maybe try for a faster 10miles.

Monday 22/10

Type: Steady
Time: 36mins
Distance: 4.35miles
Pace: 8.15m/m

A pretty fast paced run. Problem is though, that I have this pretty bad habit these days of just abandoning what I'm doing to get out and run. Okay, so it only takes an hour or so, but Uni work is building up...and my headphones are broken. The music is so quiet - that's annoying.

Saturday 20/10

Type: Long
Time: 1hr20mins
Distance: 8.10miles
Pace: 9.2m/m

I did the first half of this long run really slowly, and then for some reason found a lot of hidden energy in the second half. I pretty much belted the second half (I think it may have been the lucozade kicking in) so I think this pace is extrememly inaccurate. I slept in this morning so didn't have enough time to do a really, really long run (as I was playing squash afterwards) so when that happens, I try to compensate by doing a shorter "long" run but doing it a fair bit faster. And squash afterwards was grrrreat!


I've not posted in so long! I've been extrememly tied down with Uni since I went back and haven't had much time for blogging. After the little lay off I had, I've gotten back into it full swing and have been concentrating on a lot of shorter, faster runs than longer, slower ones. I think a general sum up will do.

Thursday 27/09

Type: Steady
Time: 40.30mins
Distance: 4.6miles
Pace: 8.45m/m

Monday 1/10

Type: fartlek
Time: 45mins
Distance: 4miles

Friday 5/10

Type: Fast
Time: 45mins
Distance: 5.4miles
Pace: 8.25m/m

Saturday 6/10

Type: Short fast
Time: 32mins
Distance: 3.8miles
Pace: 8.30m/m

Tuesday 9/10

Type: Steady
Time: 55mins
Distance: 7miles
Pace: 8m/m

This was a really good run, though felt it was a little shorter distance than that.

Wednesday 10/10

Type: Short bursts
Time: 37mins
Distance: 3.9miles
Pace: 9.3m/m

I did this run slowly but every so often I just sprinted a couple of hundred yards. It all started when I was sprinting to get the green man, and I quite enjoyed it. So from then on everytime I saw something cool I just sprinted for a while!

Thursday 11/10

Type: Fast
Time: 37mins
Distance: 5miles
Pace: 7.3m/m

I did a little warm up here and then ran mainly in the 7.40 - 8m/m range.

Saturday 13/10

Type: Long
Time: 1hr25mins
Distance: 9.8miles
Pace: 8.4m/m

This was a really good one too. Felt good afterwards so did 1mile on the treadmill when I got back to the gym before I played squash with a friend. I forgot to mention that I've very much gotten into squash now too, what a great game! And I have a fantastic coach....

Wednesday 17/10

Type: Steady
Time: 50mins
Distance: 5.7miles
Pace: 8.45m/m

Thursday 18/10

Type: Speeds
Time: 25mins
Distance: 3.8miles

Did a 4.30min warm up then did 6 sets of 2min speeds followed by 2 min jogs. It was really good, I especially love sprinting past the traffic as it comes towards you!!!

Friday 19/10

Type: Easy
Time: 33mins
Distance: 3.8miles
Pace: 8.4m/m