Sunday, 30 August 2009

Saturday 29/8

Type: Long
Time: 2hrs 24mins
Distance: 17.70 miles
Pace: 8.59 min/mile

A good run on what was a very unpredictable Saturday. It had been raining on and off all day but fortunately didn't rain at all the whole time I was out. I think I was running away from the rain clouds to be honest. Only stopped once or twice on the way round - my bf came to meet me for the last 6 or so miles which was good too.

This week too, I did:

Thursday 27/8
Type: Hill sprints
Distance: ~ 3.5miles
Pace: 1.2mile jog then 6 x1min hill sprints then 1.2 mile jog

Tuesday 25/8
Type: Tempo
Time: 35mins
Distance: ~5k

Warm up then roughly 3k fast followed by cool down.

And last week's long run (15.5miles @ 9.25m/m pace) elevation:

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday 16/8

Type: Long
Time: 1hr 46mins
Distance: 11.85miles
Pace: 8.55min/mile

I was so glad it wasn't raining when I started this run! It's been raining continously for about 3 days now, and although it's windy the weather held up for me today. It took me a while to get out and ready for this run but when I got out it was good when I did. Headed a route I used to run which includes a few big hills, and is mainly uphill (I think!). On the whole felt I coped well, though running out of water at mile 9 meant I needed to cut this run about a mile short...just couldn't keep going!

So far in August I have run 49.5miles. This is roughly 3 or 4 runs a week including one gym session (x-trainer/rowing/swimming). Now, the GSR half marathon is coming up and I am feeling a little pessimistic. I think I'll get over 1hr 50mins. Obviously I will try for under, but my speed isn't great on my longer runs. When I go faster, I tend to have to stop. When I don't stop, I feel so negative and it just dominates my thoughts so when I come to a hill or something I NEED to stop.
Something else I'm conscious of is that my long runs aren't building up well for my marathon in October (Loch Ness). I'm finding it hard to motivate myself whilst I'm out, even though I look forward to it the day before (if it's sunny) and put listen to podcasts the whole way. I generally stop for a time and walk...which sucks when I used to be able to run 26.2 miles without stopping!!

If anyone (who still looks at this blog!!) has any advice on this I would greatly appreciate it. I have been thinking about running with a club recently but I just don't know if I'll have the time...I may look into it though - it would be a great motivation I'm sure.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Once again, it's been so long

Can't believe I've not posted here since November last year! Another marathon and another New Year later here I am again, training for Loch Ness which I am again running for the Scottish Veterans Residencies.

Edinburgh went ok, though nowhere near my best time - got roughly 4hrs 8mins on what was probably the hottest day of the year! Did manage to raise nearly £200 for Christian Aid, which was fantastic though, considering the marathon was run during exam time and I had very little time to do anything remotely related to fundraising! Passed the exams well though, and am now concentrating on doing a dissertation as I search for a job...what joys. Applying to do medically related jobs while I do my application for going back to actually study the subject next it's all go, but enjoying getting the balance between work and play nonetheless......
........... It is summer after all!

So here's the monthly run down of running...and here's to a good summer before a good Loch Ness!

April 2009: ~130miles plus West Highland Way cycle (95miles) - fantastic but pretty damn hard!
May 2009: 148.97 miles plus Edinburgh Marathon
June 2009: 26.33miles (!!) plus lots of tennis, squash, gym and cycling
July 2009: 23.85 miles (these are the months of "rest"!) plus Great Glen Way cycle (75miles) plus gym and lots of swimming