Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thursday 30/08

Type: Steady/Hilly
Time: 40mins
Distance: 4.71miles
Rating: 8

19mins - 2.2miles - 8.40m/m
20mins - 4.7miles - 8.50m/m
The first half of this run was did with a fairly steady pace, which I was quite enjoying. Then however I decided to turn around and do an route I used to do.
That was a bad idea. I'm not sure if I was too tired (I am really tired these days) or if the route was just TOO hilly, but it made me so tired. I wanted to go back to bed when I got in. I vow I won't do that route again, not without having eaten first, or without water at least. I'll need to take a few days rest before Sunday - try and eat well and get a lot of sleep in. I'm out the night before the half so I will really need to make sure it doesn't interfere. I want to be at my peak on Sunday.

As well as this, today something really bad happened. I was running down a forest path and there was a woman walking a fair bit ahead of her dog. The dog stopped and watched me then when I passed, came running alongside me, which was fine...until it then ran behind me. It got tangled in my feet and tripped me up really badly. I had such a struggle to stop myself falling flat on my face, it gave me such a fright. I didn't hurt myself thankfully, but the woman heard my loud footsteps as I scrambled along the ground trying to keep upright and asked if the dog had gotten in my way. I told her that I had tripped over it, and she proceeded to pet the dog and say "good boy, there there" as if the dog was more traumatised than I was! Ok, dogs are stupid, I can accept that, but owners should always know where their stupid dogs are and make sure they're not getting in people's ways. If that had been a little kid running and the dog had tripped up the little kid, I'm sure the woman would have been a lot more sympathetic.

Don't get me wrong, most people make sure their dogs are out of your way when you run along - that's so polite and appreciated, they always get a wave and a thank you. But for the less "aware" dog owners, it is a little bit annoying. Anyway, that's my rant for today. I feel strangely peaceful now...

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Wednesday 29/08

Type: Fartlek
Time: 42mins34secs
Distance: 5.05miles
Rating: 6

11min warm up - 9.14m/m
Then different speeds for 20mins ranging from 45secs to 2mins30secs
Then 10mins26secs cool down - 9m/m
At the very end of this session (as I usually do on fartleks) I did a hill sprint up the massive hill to my house. Took 25secs and usually makes my lungs hurt quite badly, but today I managed it with fairly impressive ease, which was good.

This will be my last speed session before the race on Sunday. My next run will be a mid length just below steady pace one. Something I've also been thinking about recently is energy drinks. That 12.7mile run I did last week I used a bottle of lucozade and a bottle of water. I also use a diluted lucozade for my 10mile run. I don't know if it does actually supply energy though or if it's just a placebo really. Ok, that's a lie, I do know it does supply energy, but I'm not quite sure how much to drink and when. I take some gulps before I know I have a hard part ahead, and a few sips sometimes if I feel water's not enough. Having said that though, but the end of my run I feel quite sick at the thought of the sweetness of lucozade and just want water.
At the 10miler in Toronto they supplied Gatorade which I must say was definitely less sweet, and definitely the most disgusting thing I've ever drunk while running. I also spilled it ALL down me at the first energy stand and so completed the race with a horrible pink stain down my top. Not the most ideal situation I must say.

Anyway, enough talk for today.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Monday 27/08

Type: Longish (slow)
Time: 1hr25mins
Distance: 9.7miles
Rating: 7

49mins - 5.7miles - 8.4m/m
36mins - 3.9miles - 9.1m/m
I ran the first half far too fast for this meant to be a long slow run, and it was very hot so 49mins into it, I slowed the pace right down. This route in the West End is a fantastic one because the mid section is very much equal uphill and downhill, you always feel you have sufficient recovery. And, of course, I played beat the car (BTC for short, because I'm JUST THAT COOL) I raced the 66 and the 159 buses the WHOLE way along Gt Western Road, from the St Georges X end to anniesland! Okay, I did lose the 66 a bit earlier, but I did see the same woman on the 159 the whole way and I kept edging ahead of it!

In retrospect I think that is perhaps what caused the significant drop in pace in the second half actually. Ach well. This week I'm thinking Tuesday off, Wednesday a few short sprints in a mid-lengthed run, thursday a short, steady run plus some rowing/cross-training at the gym. I might be busy on Friday but if I'm not I'd move that to Friday. Then Sunday is the half marathon. So excited about that! Got my race number today!! 12938 (I think) Anyway it's a very high number, I think they must have broken the record from last year surely. Mind you I'm not sure if thousands of people running is a good or bad thing, in some ways it really spurs you on, but in other ways it's really annoying overtaking people and whatnot. That's something which surprised me about the 10miler in Toronto. We started quite near the front and yet my dad and I were practically sprinting past people for the first mile. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, no one seemed to mind being overtaken...which is a total contrast from the Forthside half marathon where I felt like everyone I overtook was glaring daggers in my back afterwards. Maybe I'm being unfair though.

On another unrelated and completely sad note, I'm quite excited to wear my new running shorts in a race! Ok they're not THAT new, but they are the comfiest shorts I've ever had. I was in the new apple store in Buchanan St the other day (anonymous and I were jealously eyeing up all the awesome laptops...well, I don't know about him but I certainly was...) I think if I ever come into money I will buy an ipod nano and the Nike+ run thing. And a good gps heart rate moniter too. I remember that old thing I used to use...and it started skipping times and heart rates...suddenly I'd be at 240bpm during warm up and have run 7miles in 20mins...I used to love that thing. I used to bring it out in class just to show off, haha. (not really) But people used to always want to try it out, it was kind of like having a small, plastic baby which told me when I was working too hard.

Ok not quite, but I was proud of it for the time it lasted.

Saturday 25/08

Type: Steady
Time: 50mins
Distance: 5.9miles (plus 1mile on treadmill)
Pace: 8.30m/m
Rating: 6

Just a steady run around the West End. Ran down alongside the motorway again which is always fun, especially when the sound of the cars is blocked out by my most-likely-ear-damaging music volume. When running along Great Western Road too I play this game I like to call "beat the car"...Essentially I chose a car which is stuck in the nose-to-tail traffic and, yes, I race it. I do try to keep my pace consistent but it does tend to creep up. It's great though because Gt W Road does have a really gradual hill in the middle which tends to really take it out of you on a faster paced run. So when you're actually enjoying going beating the suckers caught in traffic, it really does make the hill easier.
I sometimes amaze myself at the complexity of these games I invent....
Seriously though, on a road like that, running is the fastest way. All in all this was a great run, and I'm glad I kept that pace the whole way. When I got back to the gym I rowed for 20mins (3.5k) and I forgot how much I love it! I then did a cool down run on the treadmill...and forgot how boring that was compared to running outside. I can't believe I used to do that every morning. That WAS my training for the 10k last September, I hardly did any road running at all. I wonder if I did a 10k now what time I would get...I'd hope for under 45mins at least, I'm sure I could really push the pace from this type of run. I'd like to run with somebody for a change sometimes though, that's the only downside to my running, I think. My dad can't run with me because his arm is still healing, and everyone else I know is a cyclist. I thought about joining a running club but truthfully, I think running interfered with Uni last term (amongst other things)...I mean, training for and running a marathon during exams isn't really an ideal situation. But I do want to do that again next year (even though it will be my finals), I'll apply for London, but really would love to run Edinburgh again. Hence I think taking 2/3 nights out a week to go running (when it's nights I study most) wouldn't be a wise idea. But hey, we'll see.

I'm thinking about doing the pedal for Scotland cycle from Glagsow to Edinburgh half way through September. It's quite cheap for students and looks like it could be a good day out! That is if I don't pass out and/or fall of my bike 20miles into it, naturally.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Thursday 23/08

Type: Threshold
Time: 43mins
Distance: 5miles
Rating: 6

11.23mins - 1.26miles - 9m/m gentle warm up
12.49mins - 1.56miles - 8.12m/m
11mins - 1.25miles - 8.5m/m
7.41mins - 0.91miles - 8.28m/m
This was a really good run all in all. I'm a bit disappointed with the last pacing, I would have liked to have crept back up to the 8.10/15 m/m pace but hey. My legs did feel a little more tired than usual, I think that was the back to back longer runs, and I did experience a few pains - one in the heel, one in my right calf. However during the warm up I slowed right down and really moved the muscles - stretched my toes and feet right out on every strike and that really seemed to help. I have noticed that my calves have been sore recently - they're the areas which need the recovery I think more so than anywhere else - I think that's maybe because I've been doing more hill running. I'm not sure what the next course of action should be, if I should fall back on the speed on the hills or if I should just try and exclude some hills from my runs. Tough one.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Tuesday 21/08 West Highland Way/Mugdock Run

Type: Easy/Fun
Time: 1hr30mins
Distance: about 10miles
Rating: 4.5

14.09mins - 1.55miles warm up run at 9.07m/m down to the industrial estate where I met my cycling friend. We set out along the West Highland Way and then diverted our path up towards Mugdock Country Park for about 1hour15mins. The hill up there from the WHW is HUGE. It's such a steep hill! So I walked up that, which hurt my legs probably as much as it would have if I'd run...But after that we had a gentle run/cycle round the park, round a pretty loch and a little play in the activity area which, sadly, was only a fraction of the fun I remember it being when I was little!
The run home was slightly faster, simply because it was picth black and so when on road, I had to use my phone as my light (which actually worked surprisingly well shining on my white t-shirt, apparently) I didn't want to get hit my a car, naturally! The roads are very quiet up there, yet there are a few houses and late at night cars tend to speed about, and the roads are very narrow. In contrast to that however, when on the off road parts coming home (ie- back on the WHW) I slowed the pace right down because I couldn't see a thing. As much as having someone shout out "puddle ahead" or "big rock coming up" is useful, it doesn't quite act as a subsitute for a headlamp. When we hit the roads again on the climb back home, I was very surprised because I managed a fairly fast pace up hill, which usually kills me at the end of runs.

In terms of my heel, I must say it was quite sore half way during the run. It did ease off a little - stretching definitely helps - but I'm going to take Wednesday off because I don't want to make it worse. It's sore to touch, almost as if there's a bruise there though there's no inflammation or anything, so I guess we'll wait and see. The worst thing would be having the pain during the half next weekend. I'm thinking I want to schedule a speed session this week and one steady run too, though I'm going to Edinburgh on Thursday afternoon...and I'll be fairly busy this weekend so I'll have to try and schedule a run around that. Next week I want to do 4 runs - perhaps Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Monday being a longish run and Friday being a very easy one. I'm not sure about including speeds next week. I don't want to tire myself too much, but I think if I did some shorter, flat runs, I could include speed quite easily without adding too much strain. I might actually subsitute one run for a cross train in the gym, I'm not sure.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Monday 20/08

Type: Long
Time: 1hr50mins
Distance: 12.7miles
Pace: 8.6m/m
Rating: 6.5

This was a fantastic run. I felt guilty about not doing a run on Sunday but I didn't return from up north until 11.30pm and I was knackered. I meant to take my running stuff to I'ness with me but I kinda ran out the door and forgot about it. Anonymous was a little bit peeved I think, he wanted to try some new cycle routes on his new bike, but hey. Next time. So today I ran about the West End for a change after I left work. I used to do runs there in the morning before I started my marathon training properly...they were pretty short runs, but today I sort of stuck them all together into one big run just under 13miles. I was really chuffed because I kept a fairly consistent pace throughout the run, and I sped up too at some parts, even towards the end which I never used to be able to do on my long runs. I wonder if it's because I'm doing more speedwork than last time before the half? I just hope it holds.

Only problem here was that afterwards, I had a slight pain in the back of my heel, is that the achilles tendon? It disappeared after a couple of hours and only appeared at the end of the run but it was fairly uncomfortable immediately after the run. It's so annoying! I've been running injury free for a long time now, I used to be injured all the time, I thought I was eating the right nutrients and following the right training plan now...maybe not, it seems.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Friday 17/8

Type: Threshold/steady
Time: 47mins44secs
Distance: 5.70miles
Rating: 7.5

15.14mins - 1.75miles - 8.42m/m
12.04mins - 1.45miles - 8.20m/m
21.10mins - 2.43miles - 8.45m/m
The middle section of this run was really tough, I didn't feel I was going partcicularly fast, but it was so hilly and I was trying to maintain the speed, I just kinda knackered myself, hence the speed of the last section. Since my dad's operation is postponed I'm going up to Inverness for the weekend, so won't be doing a long run on Sunday. I want to get a near-half distance in and maybe a fast 10 miler before the half marathon on the 2nd. I'll be so gutted if I don't break 1hr 45!!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Thursday 16/08

Type: Easy
Time: 31mins50secs
Distance: 3.64miles
Pace: 8.45m/m
Rating: 5

Just a wee easy run today, I really wanted to get out even though I wasn't planning to run today (I forgot, the half paced run was for tomorrow) Got up a fair bit earlier today because I needed to do the school run, so was nice to be out earlier for a change. Plus I love speeding past all the traffic when everyone's stuck because of the closed road...I studied for a while earlier and stumbled upon last year's running diary. I had written a little summary at the back about all the things I wanted to achieve this year and I'm so glad to say that a lot of them seem to have happened! I don't like to compare, I hate to dwell in the past or worry about the future but I must say it's nice to think how far you've come in your training.
One thing which worries me slightly however is that before the half marathon last year I had a lot of high mileages under my belt, though very little speed work. These past few months I've been concentrating a lot on speedwork rather than distance (especially since the actual marathon) In retrospect I think I fell back into training too quickly, hence I couldn't face long runs at first. Now however I'm hoping to fit in two good length runs before the GSR at the start of September.

In other news I may be doing a WHW run tomorrow with my cycling friend, that's if he gets the last bus back from Edinburgh tonight. Watch this space...

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Cancelled Run

I was going to run tonight in the "Canal Canter" - a 7k race in Bishopbriggs organised by Springburn Harriers (I think), however one of my dad's clients arranged a meeting with her son, who is an actuary. I spoke to him for a bit...I guess the time is coming to think about career options now. To be honest from the sounds of what he said a Stats degree would be more relevant for that kind of work, I doubt I'd be able to apply "groups, rings and fields"....So yes, I kind of figured that was a bit more important than running plus it meant I was able to come out afterwards and...well, studying was the plan, however I've spent the past while looking up funny pictures of cats and downloading music (legally, of course...)

I was going to run this afternoon but my dad has fractured his arm and I drove him home from the hospital so I thought it best to stay in with him. We watched Malcolm in the Middle. Felt a little guilty for not doing work on my project or running, I have to say. Truthfully though, come late afternoon I'm totally knackered, I'm not entirely sure why. I WANT to run, but the thought of having a bad run (as I seem to have convinced myself it would be) is not a theory I want to put into practice.

According to my home-adapted training schedule I have a threshold run scheduled tomorrow...or one at half marathon pace. The only problem with these kinds of runs is that I tend to slow right down on the hills, so I don't sustain the pace for the entire run. Mind you in the last half marathon, I ended up speeding the first 6 miles and falling right back later, so I don't think I had an equal pace there either. Is that called positive splitting? I don't know.

Wednesday 15/08

Type: Steady
Time: 48mins
Distance: 5.05miles
Rating: 7

19mins - 2.24miles - 8.41m/m
15mins - 1.75miles - 8.37m/m
10mins - 1.05miles - 9.40m/m
This was a pretty tough run, I wanted to do the last 10mins at a very slow pace because I'm thinking of doing another run later on tonight. I felt quite weak today though, I think it's because I was studying so long yesterday I didn't end up eating dinner till 8pm after having lunch at 1pm. I'm also getting a little bit sick of pasta constantly, I think it's upsetting my insides too. I'm not sure if I am wheat intolerant after all. I know I stopped eating frosted wheats (I used to have about 4 bowls a day) and I stopped eating so much bread, and it definitely helped stop the cramps and horrible bloating inside me. Okay so last night I tried to make a baked couldn't have turned out more wrong if I'd tried. So I never got a nice dinner last night either, maybe that's why I felt so faint today.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Tuesday 14/08

Type: Fartlek
Time: 48mins
Distance: 5.8miles
Rating: 6.5

6min50sec warm up, then different speeds from 30seconds to 3minutes. Was trying to work on stride I tell myself everytime I run fast, though I think I was concentrating more on not slowing down. The 30second session was EXTREMELY fast, on a rough muddy path too, so I almost tripped over my own feet. tsk. Something awesome though - one of the roads on the way to my house was closed to all traffic, and so all the roads leading up to it had one lane coned excellent opportunity for some real road running without the fear of being hit by a car!!! Such a good experience, speeding along a main road with all the cars crawling past in the only free lane. Very cool.
Finished with an 8minute gentle run back up to my house at 8.41m/m pace. As speed sessions go, I kind of make up my own rules...I don't know if doing these kinds of sessions help me, but it sure was fun today.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Some thoughts

I didn't run this morning, even though I kind of wanted to. Sadly the temptation for a lie in before work was just too overwhelming. I need to get out of the habit of setting the alarm to get up for a run and then just snoozing it for an hour and a half until it's time to shower for work. Truthfully though, putting aside my mum's comment about running while ill, maybe that is the reason that my cold has lasted about 3 weeks, going on 4? I seem to be coughing a lot too, I'm a wee bit worried the cold has moved into my chest. I don't think running in the rain helps.

Okay anyway, having been trying to fix my shuffle all night, it's made me think about the songs which I love to run to. I have to say I did enjoy the "solo" run yesterday - the time did pass a lot quicker than I thought it would. However, there are some songs which I will forever remember as running songs...those which slow you down and keep you at a great "plodding along" pace, and those which make you want to run just that bit faster than you ever have before. Being the kind person I am I have decided to note a few on here.

Warm up
Where's your Head at? - Basement Jaxx
Denise - Fountains of Wayne (This song became a million times more awesome after I saw FoW live)
Smile like you mean it - The Killers

Feel so Numb - Rob Zombie (I have really vivid memories of turning the treadmill up to the max and just flat out going for it when I first started listening to this song. Ah the days of running in the gym...)
2 songs crashed - Gwen Stefani vs Blur (A 2's WOO HOO, with Gwen singing "Now you know you're qualified, you're in the pole position...put it in first gear, step on the pedal and" I realise it's about driving, but the principle makes me want to

Rebellion(Lies) - Arcade Fire (I NEED to hear this song every time I run, regardless of whether or not I'm running fast. That violin which comes in at the end gives me goosebumps)
Wolf like me - Tv on the Radio (This was the song I finished the Edinburgh Marathon to!!!! I remember picking up the pace at the 25mile mark, where I was CONVINCED I could see the racecourse in the distance. So this song was such a spur on when it came on my ipod. The lyrics are absolutely fantastic. Cheers to the boy who got me into tv on the radio (he knows who he is) ...
Enjoy the Silence 04 - Depeche Mode (it's GOTTA be the 2004 version, it's got pizazz)

Cool Down
Today - Smashing Pumpkins
Supersonic - Oasis
Atlas - Battles

I have loads more, but a few are inappropriate for a clean blog. I like rap and "crunk"...I tend to find that having loud voices screaming and swearing always moves the run along....

That's all for now.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sunday 12/08

Type: Long
Time: 1hr 53mins
Distance: 12.7miles
Pace: 8.9m/m
Rating: 8

Longest run I've done since May...which meant it was a bit tough for the last mile or so (especially because of the dreaded uphill home straight) but managed it quite well. The weather was great too - terrible rain and then the brightest sunshine.....before rain again. Only thing was, my ipod shuffle didn't take the rain quite so broke. Gutted. So I had no music for the most part of my run, but it was actually kinda nice for a change.

And also, the coolest thing imaginable (or one of the coolest things at least) happened today. Just after the big hill on Boclair Road...there's a little traffic calming thing which tells you your speed and gives you a =) if you go under 30mph. So, once all the cars had gone past, and I had gotten my breath back from the hill, I picked up the pace a bit and went past it flashed!!! 6mph and a wee =) was what I got, I was so shocked! I went back to look but cars must've thought I was insane because i stood there for so I just moved on and kept smiling the rest of the run.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Friday 10/08

Type: Threshold
Time: 46mins
Distance: 5.4miles
Rating: 8/9

9mins50 - 1.17miles slow at 8.25m/m
8mins46 - 1.18miles fast at 7.27m/m
The run was going well up to this point. The heavens were open for the world to see and I was soaked...which is always the best, except when you're ill. The reason I never ran yesterday, I was at the doctors and I've been put on antibiotics to try and shift this cold and another illness I'm dealing with at the moment.
So after keeping a good pace for about 9mins, I could really feel my stomach churning, muscles acheing and I just needed to get home. Hence:
22mins - 2.6miles slow at 8.55m/m.
Once home I felt better though I don't think I should run while on so much medication again. Decided to wait until Sunday/early Monday to do a long run.

Wednesday 8/08

Type: Fartlek
Time: 52mins
Distance: 5.84miles
Rating: 7

8 minute jog, followed by 25/30 minutes of random speeds...ranging from 20 second flat out sprints (ok, I only did a few of them and felt like throwing myself into the river to cool down afterwards) to 1 minute speeds, then a gentle cool down and lots of stretching afterwards. It was really hot outside today, good weather to run in. Plus I put new tunes on my ipod which I had in a playlist for somebody, so that always adds a wee bit of excitement to any run!

Tuesday 7/08

Type: Easy
Time: 42mins
Distance: 4.8miles
Pace: 8.46m/m
Rating: 4/5

A gentle run with a few more hills than normal. Concentrating on keeping the pace on the hills now. I am conscious, however, that my "easy" runs seem to be getting harder each time...

Saturday 4/08

Type: Long
Time: 1hr 22mins
Distance: 9.2miles
Pace: 8.5m/m
Rating: 6

This was a fairly slow long run (or at least it felt fairly slow...I'm not sure how consistant my pacing is) I managed everything well, EXCEPT for the long hill that is Boclair Road. That hill was always a killer on my pre-marathon long runs, especially because it was so early into the run. I'd developed my own rhythm and mentality which enabled me to get up the hill before, though I seemed to have lost it all today. This was the first time I'd been up it since the marathon...and it was just as I remember. Nasty. I didn't stop (I never have going up it) but I certainly felt I could have on the last few steps onto the flat at the top.
However, consoling me completely was the fact that I managed every other run on the route with expert ease - even subconsciously feeling my pace quicken on some. Rock on.

This weekend I didn't get any other running done as I had a visitor, but to be honest (and this is going to become a recurring sentence) I could feel my cold coming back again. So maybe a real rest was in order.

My goal for next week was same as last week, just building up the mileage...only to add some more speed.

Friday 3/08

Type: Short Bursts
Time: 44mins
Distance: 5.1miles
Rating: 6/7

7mins warm up with short fast sprints ranging 20-45seconds, then a long cool down. Tried to focus on stride length and make sure some bursts were uphill.

Tuesday 2/08

Type: Steady
Time: 51mins
Distance: 6miles
Pace: 8.30m/m
Rating: 6

Just kept going on this run. Didn't set out with any particular distance in mind but did an old favourite route and felt good so kept going. I'm glad I kept this pace, though really did struggle on the hills back up to my house at the end of the run. That's one complaint I have about my area, I love the fact that I'm so near the west highland way and so many other great running places, but every run I do involves some fairly steep hills back up to my house. Even if I can, like in this run, get the hills over with first then do a kind of U-turn back down to my house, I'm knackered by the time I get back. Maybe I will start driving places and running out and back to my car....or maybe the hills do me good....

Tuesday 31/07

Type: Steady
Time: 38mins
Distance: 4.4miles
Pace: 8.38m/m
Rating: 5

This was just a faster easy short run to get my legs loosened up from last week's break. My right knee was twinging a little bit but it disappeared towards the end of the run and stretches at the end really helped. On the way home through Milngavie town centre I saw my next door neighbour (a fellow runner) opening his newly-opened shop. It's always nice to see people you know when you're out pounding the streets!

Tuesday 24/07

Type: Fartlek
Time: 37mins
Distance: 4.48miles
Rating: 7

6 mins warm up, followed by 45secs-2min30 fast bursts with 2min recoveries between, then 9mins cool down. Fairly difficult run, I don't like doing speeds much...but if they help me guess I really should.


Type: Easy
Time: 30mins
Distance: 3.6miles
Pace: 8.25m/m
Rating: 7

Ok so this didn't turn out to be a very easy run because, funnily enough I felt a cold coming on and felt I really had to push myself to keep the pace. I'd also had a bad day at work (not that that's an excuse) though I'd not eaten much because I was busy and I had drank an abnormally large amount of coffee...

The rest of this week I developed a cold and didn't want to risk running in case it turned chesty (which amazingly it ended up doing anyway). I was up in Inverness over the long weekend so didn't have much of a chance to run up there anyway (and yes, anonymous, Inverness is a fantastic place - I very much like being up there.... ;-] )

My Goal for the following week was to build my mileage back up...and hope for my immune system to kick in.

1/06/07 - 24/07/07

Completed the Edinburgh Marathon in 3hrs 50minutes, which was something of an achievement for me for my first marathon. My first run after the marathon (on the Sunday) was the following Friday. A basic 3miler, relatively flat and yet I sped round and almost passed out when I made it home. I couldn't have rushed back into the game more quickly if I tried. So I left it a couple of days and that Sunday I ran a good one - same route, same time (funnily enough) though surprisingly it felt wonderful. The following week I built my base back up and managed a few runs in Hyde Park! (Great place for running, especially in the heat)

Following that I ran every other day in Toronto and completed my first race since the marathon - a 10miler on 15/07/07 in 1 hour 22 minutes. Averaged at 8.22 min/mile and came 409/1500 (8/34 in my age group 20-24year old women) So very pleased with that experience.

Ran 4 more times over the next week until I returned home on Saturday 23rd, when I decided I would take it easy for a week. So far in my sights I have the Great Scottish Run on 02/09/07 and perhaps a few 10k's if I can get motivated enough to complete the entry forms....
As for my weekly mileages, they have been somewhat erratic...I seem to get injured a fair amount, and I also seem to pick up every cold which is around. Pre-marathon, from the beginning of the year, my weekly mileages ranged from 12miles to 38 miles, sometimes lying as low as 4miles however when I was ill or injured. Completed the Edinburgh Forthside half marathon with a time of 1hr 45mins, which was my 2nd best running accomplishment yet.

So from the marathon, my wm's have been as follows:
4/6 - 29.55
11/6 - 15 (Inverness)
18/6 - 14-18 (lost track of my routes!)
25/6 - 31.60
2/7 - 23.70 (Toronto)
9/7 - 30 (Toronto)
16/7 - 22.30 (Nissan Toronto 10miler)
23/7 - 12.75 (Inverness)
30/7 - 24.70

I've put in brackets the things which may have affected my distances, like when I was in Canada I had more time to run because I wasn't working...but then when I was up in Inverness I had no time to run because I was busy with other stuff.

Okay so I'm modifying this now to add in some of the runs I did (just because I had enough time to type them up this morning)

Sunday 22/07

Type: Long-ish
Time: 1hr6mins
Distance: 7.64miles
Pace: 8.38m/m
Rating: 5.5

Awesome Run. Started a bit slower than usual for a short while but then picked up the pace and felt really good, so just kept running. Fairly good going considering I got back from Canada yesterday and hadn’t slept for about 22 hours the days before. This was a run where I just kept going until I felt like stopping (well, until a certain sister needed a lift somewhere)

Friday 20/07

Type: Steady longer
Time: 55mins
Distance: 6.49miles
Pace: 8.38m/m
Rating: 6.5

Thought I was going a lot faster than I actually was going here. It wasn’t too hot this morning in Toronto but I needed to get back and pack, and I was fairly tired after having a fairly late night last night.

Wednesday 18/07

Type: Fartlek
Time: 40mins
Distance: 4.86miles
Rating: 8

6mins48 gentle jog followed by 1min-2min fast sections, with equal timed recoveries. Really felt this because it was very hot, so I took a 6minute jog in between to regain a bit of composure before continuing with the speeds. At the end of the run I did a slow 8min42 cool down. Although this run was hard, I really enjoyed this route through the housing estates. Also saw the same couple out running with a baby’s pram whom I’ve seen nearly every time I’ve been out here.

Won’t be running tomorrow as we are down in St Thomas visiting family.

Tuesday 17/07

Type: Very easy
Time: 21mins
Distance: 2.5miles
Pace: 8.8m/m
Rating: 4

This was just an easy first run since the race on Sunday to see how my muscles were. As it turns out I was only a little sore yesterday, which is good in terms of keeping on running, though maybe I could have put a little more effort in to have gotten the 10miles under 1hr20. Ach well, I was pleased anyway.

Sunday 15/07

Nissan Toronto 10 miler.

Type: Race
Time: 1hr22mins
Distance: 10miles
Pace: 8.22m/m
Rating: 8 (pushed myself quite hard, especially at the end)

Friday 13/07

Type: Speeds
Time: 32mins
Distance: Maybe 4miles? (mapmyrun doesn’t cover the “wilderness” areas of Canada)
Rating: 7.5

Though I’m really not keen on speeds, this session was pretty good – ran along the costal road towards the little town beside the cottage so had magnificent views to spur me on.

Thursday 12/07

Type: Easy
Time: 46mins
Distance: roughly 5.3miles?
Pace: not sure
Rating: 5

This was just an easy run to keep my legs loose.

Wednesday 11/07

Type: Easy
Time: 32mins
Distance: about 3-4miles
Rating: 4.5

A really easy run along the opposite end of the costal road. Wasn’t planning to run today but my dad (the handsome fella in my photograph) wanted to go (he’s training for the 5k this Sunday) so I decided to get into the ol’ running gear and join him. I have to say, I’ve run a lot with him this holiday and I really enjoy having the company. In fact the run last week where we got lost was one of the funnest runs I’ve ever done! We have some pretty good chats while we’re out, and I bring along my new phone which lets me play music out loud, so we have a good singalong to Kasabian and Nirvana…and a corresponding long discussion about music. I sometimes run part of the West Highland Way with my friend who cycles alongside, and that’s really fun too – time seems to pass a lot quicker when you’re blabbing away to someone (even if you don’t end up covering that much distance because you’re focusing more on the chat…) Anonymous has told me that there are some nice places to run/cycle in Inverness and seen as how he’s a cyclist himself (he’s cycled from Glasgow to Inverness at the end of term 2 years running!) maybe the two of us will be able to do a run/cycle combo up there sometime?....

Tuesday 10/07

Type: Steady
Time: 45mins
Distance: roughly 5-6miles?
Pace: ?
Rating: 7

A fairly steady run along the coast with dad. I kept him at my pace for the most part, and he kept up really well! Considering he’s not run since March and only started back last week he put up a really good fight. We stopped half way for a moment’s breather and just to enjoy the scenery really, and although he kept up well, I did run the last mile or so myself just so I knew I’d been able to keep the same pace. Plus, I knew I had a huge bowl of Corn Pops waiting for me back at the cottage so I was partially racing back for that. Everything’s better when there’s food involved, imho.

Monday 9/07

Type: Speeds
Time: 24mins
Distance: 3.2miles
Rating: 9

Hardest run I’ve done to date. The temperature outside was about 40*C and I finshed my half water bottle in the first 15mins. As far as the speeds were concerned, I did a 5min warm up then managed a few 3min speeds at between 6.30m/m and 7.10m/m with short recoveries, however, like I mention in every speed post, I’m REALLY not keen on them. That combined with the scorching heat meant I really felt bad, so I eventually just jogged back to the house( running though a few sprinklers on the way, obviously).

Friday 6/07

Type: Longer
Time: 1hr15mins
Distance: 8.5miles
Pace: 8.45m/m
Rating: 8

It was so hot but I wanted to keep going because I felt I needed to do a longish run before the race next Sunday. Somebody actually put their sprinkler out for me to run under, it was VERY kind of them. I didn't even care about all my electronics, I just kinda threw myself under the water and it felt great afterwards.

Thursday 5/07

Type: Tempo
Time: 27mins
Distance: 3.5miles
Rating: 8 (the heat is not a friend)

Did 2.8miles in 21mins, a run of 7.3m/m, then I did 6minutes of recovery. Realised that my left foot was a little sore though along the arch.

Wednesday 4/07

Type: Very easy
Time: 55mins
Distance: 5.7miles
Pace: about 10m/m
Rating: 3.5

This was a really, really slow run with dad. He's just getting back into the swing of things so I took the chance to have a jog and a blabber for a change. We were blabbing so much actually (or I was) that we got lost! We wandered off the path at the wrong point and ended up on Chinguacousy, which is very near the house, though we couldn't decide what end of the road we were or, north or south. We wandered about in a little daze for about 5 minutes (probably really amusing passers by) before deciding to try and retrace our steps. Eventually the two of us just laughed, it was all we could do! What a pair of muppets. I remember the song that was playing too at the moment we got lost...Somewhere A Clock is Ticking by Snow Patrol. I found it rather poignant ("I've got this feeling that there's something that I've missed....") yet by old man didn't agree ("turn that down! I'm trying to think....") So yes, we eventually made it home and helped ourselves to some well-earned brekkie.

Tuesday 3/07

Type: Tempo
Time: 1hr 1min
Distance: 6.2miles
Rating: 6

3.2miles easy at 8.3m/m
3miles at what I thought was faster though turned out to be the same pace...
So probably not a tempo run afterall.

First Post

Welcome to my blog! I'm going to start at the end, meaning I'm going to go back a little bit and start my posts from after my Edinburgh Marathon experience (27/05/07) and I will hopefully become updated soon enough...