Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tuesday 27/4

Time: 1hr 5mins
Distance: 7.85miles
Pace: ~8.20min/mile

My legs took ages to heal, it's insane! Today was the first day I actually felt like impact didn't amount to pain...I was also incredibly tired so I downed a cup of coffee and went out this run after work.

Missed the rain shower and headed up towards the waterworks. I kept a consistent pace which I was so so pleased about!! And despite my tiredness I managed to keep the pace even on the big uphill at the end. It was a really good run and I'm pleased I went out.

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to run much again this week, until Saturday probably. I'm really busy with work/interviews/dissertations and the like. BUT on Friday night that will be me done most of my endeavours (bar my night classes) will go a long run on Saturday morning - hopefully 20-23miles - and then I will relax for the holiday weekend!! Good times.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday 23/4 - An eventful run on WHW! Home-(almost)Rowardennan

Time: ~3h45mins
Distance: ~22-23miles

Phew. All I can say to start off this post! I actually have no idea how far I went, but I have very roughly mapped it out and I reckon it's about 22miles...maybe 23 (since it's about a mile to the start of WHW from my house) but most likely no more.

Was off work on annual leave today (primarily to get my penultimate "long" long run before the marathon done) and had been having dreams of not being able to run cos it was raining really heavily. But it wasn't (when I started my run at least!). Headed out about 9.20am down onto WHW and off I went...

The hiccups started at the Mugdock turn off. I rubbed my eye as a fellow runner passed me and totally knocked my contact lens out. Spent ages checking for it on the ground until I realised it was just pushed further into my eyelid. Using the back of my ipod as a mirror (I looked great), I managed to get it out, clean it with water and put it back in again. However, it did take a while and quite a few ppl passed me in the process. Oh joy.

So, headed onwards as you do. It began to rain at the Beech Tree which was a bit offputting, but it was light so ok. Decided against going up Conic Hill as it equates to more walking than running for me, so went the road round to Balmaha. Shorter distance but I knew I could make it up. Plus, it is a road race I'm training for after all.

Queue incident 2. I'm running along and this sad looking dog apporached me just before Buchanan Smithy. Now the dog was walking towards oncoming traffic (a smart dog, perhaps?) but I called it over to the pavement I was on. It sort of looked at me sadly then trotted off, but I called it and it followed me into the little village. Someone there was also looking for its owner who seemed to be AWOL. The dog looked so sad and just kind of sat there, I didn't want to leave it but was assured that this other guy would take care of it. So I spent about 5-10 mins of my run looking after a lost dog.

Run after that was fairly uneventful into Balmaha. Getting wetter (annoyingly) but not too busy which I like. Was listening to some really funny podcasts which kept my mood high. The path through the forest past Balmaha was quite slippery so I was trying to be careful where I walked.

Queue incident 3. I must have been watching the view or something, but I suddenly tripped as my left foot hit an elevated branch and I came down quite hard on my right side. Luckily I was carrying a waterbottle round my wrist which seemed to take a lot of the impact off my hand. My left hand was really sore though, as was my right hip and shoulder. Plus I was flithy. I was kind of mortified, but no one saw so I just kept running. My shoulder began to get really sore, the tshirt was rubbing against the cut which wasn't pleasant.

I literally got a couple of feet and then incident 4 - down I went again. This time I have no idea what caused the fall, as the ground was levelling out. I went down on my left side this time and REALLY hurt my knee and right hand this time. I had scratches on my arms and shoulders but I just got up and kept running. My knee was sore but it felt more bruise sore than proper injury sore.

I actually felt like crying at this point, so text Derek and told him. Then text my mum who was getting me from Rowardennan. I kept going after that but I didn't feel so hot at all. I had arranged my mum to get me at 1.30pm, but I wouldn't make it to Rowardennan by then so I ran up the big hill just after the Glasgow Uni centre and crossed down the other side and continued up the road. She met me about half a mile further up the road and we sat in the car park and had some sarnies. I changed clothes and tried to clean up a little.

Lunch was great (my mum continually feeding the crow which sat next to the car and ended up having cheese mayo all over its beak) and we went in to see a few wedding venues (exciting...) on the way home in Drymen but I was glad to get home.

Now, assessing the damage I don't feel so great! My shoulder is cut and it hurts a lot but it's ok. My left knee, on the other hand, is pretty sore when I bend it. I don't think I'll be able to run for the next few days at least. There is a massive bruise appearing round the kneecap. Of course Derek came home from work after sliding to save a goal at football at lunch and he has grazed his right knee terribly...stealing my thunder!!

If there's any consolation, I did have a great run and did keep going for a while after my falls. Plus, my Achilles Tendon was fine...every cloud, and all that!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday 21/4

Time: 53mins
Distance: 6.4 miles
Pace: ~2.6miles easy, 1.4mile sprints, 2.4miles easy

Have been very tired of late, so decided to go into work a bit later today and do an early morning run after a bit of a lie in. Headed out about 7.45am (it's a massive lie in for me!!) and ran up to the waterworks. I know I'm meant to be doing some sprints and tempo runs to do well in the marathon but you know, I am just so tired some days I can't bring myself to do them.

Last night I got al l ready to go a run and then basically couldn't really keep my eyes after a few reassuring words from my other half (don't run if you don't want to, one day won't make a difference, kind of thing) ... I decided to forget it. Today's run was good, I must say. The sprints were really easy and I didn't push myself as I should have, I just love the view from the waterworks, especially in the sunshine.

Plus, the physio told me I have an inflammed achilles tendon because of the change of running shoes, so I'm conscious that my heel gets sorer on hill sprints and when I run faster. I want to do a long run on Friday so will now just rest until then.

A friend at work's brother is running the Fling on Saturday. My friend has been talking about it a lot and I have been sorely tempted to give it a go but alas, I won't. Too much talk and not enough training I think. I love the idea, but the reality is a different ball game. Uch, maybe one day I will do something like that but I need more than 2 weeks notice before I do!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday 18/4 - Edinburgh Half Marathon

A nice photo to start off today's post! However, not quite such a good start to the race today. Wet, windy and sodding awful weather. Dad and I had gone through to Edinburgh yesterday to do some bits and bobs. We'd stayed in a really fantastic b&b last night and woken up to grey skies this morning.

There was quite a lot less people there and we thought it might have been because of the flight cancellations. Having said that, spirits were pretty good before the start. The above photo was taken in the stands before we started...looks like we're sharing a bin bag but we're really not!!

Anyway, the race itself was fine but to be honest I find it hard to get enthusiastic about half marathons now. I just can't seem to pace myself properly for them and generally end up getting a time round about 1hr50. My dad had had some really rocky training and hadn't run farther than 9.5 miles in about a year. He says this will be his last half, and since we had done some of his training together I wanted to run with him. There will always be time to race a half marathon in the future.

We stayed with the 2hr15 pacer until about 9 miles when my dad's arms began to go numb (it was fricking freezing!!) and he began to get sore hips. That seems to run in our family, and I am seeing the physio about it tomorrow. So yes, we lost the pacer about then (a nice lady from dunfermline) and kept to our own pace. Dad did slow down and stop to loosen his shoelaces at one point (something that took AGES considering both our hands were red raw numb) and towards the end we slowed a little but I think I did well with motivation and we finished in about 2hrs21mins.

I'm really proud, as he kept a good pace for the most part and picked it up well towards the end. I can't believe he's had a heart attack and just completed a's great! I'm glad we ran together. I will enter the Bristol and/or Glasgow half and will be able to race those.

Something I did notice is that so many people disappear towards the end and don't watch the final runners come in. I know it's inevitable but it's sad really. Some of the people supporting though at the end are so great though, and it's fantastic that they are there. We got some good cheers as we came into Musselburgh!

Anyway, to finish here's a picture from my Balmaha-Milng run last week... Nice, huh?

Friday 16/4

Time: 53mins
Distance: 5.15miles
Pace: ~3.75miles @ 9.40min/mile, 1.4miles @8.30min/mile

Another run with dad in the sunshine. Was good. Dad came back after some time and I pushed on a little further myself. Couldn't stay out too long though as had an appointment in the afternoon so had to come back home and get ready for that.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tuesday 13/4

Time: 1hr 35mins
Distance: ~9.65miles
Pace: ~9.45min/mile

When I got home from work today my dad was raring to go a run, and despite only wanting to do 5/6 steady miles I gave in and headed out the route I took on Sunday. It was a nice night but the sunshine quickly disappeared to leave a very cold wind in its place! My arms were flipping freezing as we climbed up towards the waterworks.

We did this at a fairly slow pace, as my dad was conscious of wanting to get in quite a few miles to prove he would be able to do it ok on Sunday. Plus, to be honest, by the end I was absolutely starving. I'd gone out straight from work with very little to eat at lunch, and nothing to eat when I got in. I was also REALLY tired. There is most definitely a correlation between increase in mileage over a stretch of time and no. hours sleep needed.

Anyway got in and stuffed my face with all sorts of is all I was thinking about for the last 2-3 miles!! All in all a good run and nice running with Dad. I think this week I will do a little speed session on Thursday if I have time and then a steady 5-6 miler on Friday. Have a half day, a woo hoo!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday 11/4

Time: 1hr 10 mins
Distance: ~8.2miles
Pace: ~8.45min/mile

Headed out with dad about midday to make the most of the beautiful weather! It's so gorgeous I had such a fantastic run! My dad had already been out and done about 4.5 miles (he's putting in a last minute effort for the half a week today) and he joined me for about 4miles of this run. I then veered away from him back along the WHW up towards the Drumclog car park and then ran round the waterworks. There were loads of walkers out and the sky was blue as anything, views on the way up to the waterworks too were great.

Ran round there then the road home. Met Derek on the way back who was cycling into the West End to get his bike fixed. Was slightly jealous he was going to be out in the sunshine all day but my legs were a little sore when I stretched them...not so bad considering I've done a fair wee stint of running within 48 hours.

Going to sit out in the sunshine this afternoon and chillax with some friends. I have also had a notion to run the Bristol Half Marathon in September. My friend said he would do it with me, but it does mean that I'd either need to choose between Glasgow Half (the week before) and the Bristol Half...since I really should be doing a 20+ miler in prep for Loch Ness marathon one of those weeks...or should I run both? Advice very much appreciated as I'm really stuck with this!!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday 9/4 - WHW Balmaha to Milngavie

Time: 3hrs 35mins
Distance: ~19.5 miles

Had a half day at work today and practically skipped out the door to get home and have some toast before I ran. My mum dropped me in Balmaha in the forest car park and I just headed back over Conic Hill. Didn't manage to run up the steep side, I must say, but I did walk up pretty fast.

The run down was really good, and I was listening to my Scott Mills Daily podcasts the whole way! They're hilarious. Been keeping me company on my runs for years! Check them out at:

Anyway the run was good, although my heel was terribly sore and did get to be a real pain come 2 hours into the run. I did walk up one or two of the hills outside Drymen and also the big uphill on the Carbeth part of the WHW. Also met my mum and dad out walking at the Khyber Pass which was a nice surprise.

When I got to that point the pain in my heel didn't really seem like such a big issue anymore and I really sped up. Finished my run just north of the village where my car was parked with some Rolos (mmmmm) and cold water, but I probably could have kept on going to be honest. I'm really pleased with the effort I put into this and I'm so happy. Was a great one!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wednesday 7/4

Type: Hill Sprints
Distance: ~4.7 miles

1.8 mile jog then 9x30 sec hill sprints then jog recovery with 1x30 sec hill sprint at end.

Good, solid sprints tonight. Some young boys congregated round about the bottom of the hill I sprint up, so I crossed the road. One of them then came across and asked me how far I'd run! It was quite funny, really. And I just explained that I was trying to run up the hill as hard as I could but wasn't doing that well. That was fairly true. I kept the recovery time down between the sprints which was great, but I don't think I went as fast as I could have. Was really tired though, and could feel my heel twinging.

In other news, my dad is swithering about running the half marathon next weekend. He doesn't think he's done enough training to run the whole thing, but I'm trying to convince him he'll be fine. He managed one year to hobble round with what was probably a hamstring strain (if not a tear!) so I think he'd manage it, even if he had to walk a little. We will see. I hope he does, we always have a great time going through to Edinburgh together!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Monday 5/4 - An unexpected run

Time: 2hrs
Distance: 13.2miles
Pace: ~9.05min/mile

What's with the rubbishy weather? Having been basking in glorious sunshine in Inverness (on Friday, at least), coming back to this wasn't so good! Had a great weekend in Ness, but forgot my running shoes (argh!) so couldn't run there. Thought I might if my heel was feeling better, but no such luck. My heel was still quite tight and also none of Derek or his brother's shoes fitted me properly.

On Saturday we played tennis for a while (quite tough with just the two of us in shoes which slipped up and down when I ran!) and went a walk in a forest. Was really nice. Had a good trip but was itching to get out a run when we came back down last night. Had a hearty dinner and got up early-ish this morning. Unfortunately procrastination meant I didn't actually get out until 10.30am...but when I was out it was fine.

I won't lie, my heel was hurting a lot at first and I thought that this was just going to be an easy 6 miler...however after the initial large uphill it really felt a lot better, and I felt like I was running quite strongly. I had a really consistent pace and felt great so just kept on going. Went out a back road past Baldernock and towards Strathblane which I've not done in ages. It certainly is hardest going in that direction - 3 times more uphills than downhills!!

Got in and had a big lunch which was great and just chilling for the rest of the day. Am thinking about my long run this week, which will be a 19/20 miler. I kind of want to do it in the morning as I find myselft running stornger in the mornings, but I don't think I can fit it in before work at 10am unless I get up really really early (5am, I'm guessing). But if it's a sunny day, who knows!...

On the shoe front, I am still having problems. When I'm out for over an hour my right arch is really sore. Got a physio appointment with the NHS for the day after the half marathon though, so that may hopefully explain one or two things!

Thursday 1/4

Distance: 13.6miles
Pace: ~9.20min/mile

Got into work this morning and just was not in the mood at all. I had loads to get sorted before driving up to Inverness tonight, and I felt guilty being in work when I needed to study etc! So I managed to get a half day, as did Derek, and we both left at 12pm sharp. Had a Docs appointment at 4.30pm so really needed to get out and do a good quality run before then.

Things, however, didn't go to plan. As soon as I started running my heel siezed up and it became quite sore to walk on, let along run on. Derek was cycling alongside, hwoever, so the chat made me stop thinking about it for a while. We were going at a slow pace and I knew there was no way I could get 18miles done as originally planned, and get back, changed and to the Docs on time. So we went off road, along WHW and through some tracks at Mugdock. It was really good! I love running across swamps and stuff! It really didn't feel like a run, more like just bounding through forests and marshes. I enjoyed myself and even though it wasn't really inkeeping with my training plan, well, it's not that big a deal.

Decided after that to go easy on the exercise this weekend and try to let my heel rest. It's sore to touch, as though it's bruised and I don't want to be doing my 20+ mile runs with an injury. So this weekend will be total relaxation! Though would take the running shoes, just in case...