Sunday, 30 December 2007

Sunday 29/12

Type: Long(kind of)
Time: 47mins
Distance: 5.65miles
Pace: 8.2m/m

This really was not a good run today. I was completely knackered after staying out late last night and tried to squeeze this long run in between eating and playing squash (with a new partner), but I started far too fast and had to stop twice, also had to walk up a hill once...and my new ipod broke. what good fortune. So I just tried to keep the pace quite fast and cut the run short. I think I'll try to do another long run this week sometime, maybe monday. I'm not too sure.

Friday 28/12

Type: Steady
Time: 40mins
Distance: 4.75miles
Pace: 8.3m/m

I slowed the pace half way through this run because I started too fast. It wasn't very cold which was good, but it was wet and rainy.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Wednesday 26/12

Type: Speeds
Time: 50mins
Distance: 6.15miles

6min warm up at 8.45m/m
4.2miles of 4x5min speeds at 7.50m/m , with 3 min recoveries between
9 min cool down at 8.50m/m

I went out to the waterworks and did a nice set of speeds on the flat ground with my new nike+ It's actually quite good to have a voice in your ear spurring you on. I lost myself a bit during the second speed, but tried to keep the time up and keep on going. Kept passing the same people over and over too, sometimes slow on recoveries, sometimes fast on speeds. All in all a good run.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Monday 24/12

Type: Easy
Time: 29mins
Distance: 3.15miles
Pace: 8.3m/m

26.4mins at this pace followed by the hill at roughly the same pace. This run was really good - I wanted to run today so I could have Christmas day off, so I kept it fairly easy so my legs wouldn't be sore. As it so happened, the run was great. The rest of the day wasn't so good, but the run was. And it was quite Christmassy...Tesco was mobbed!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday 23/12

Type: Long
Time: 2hrs
Distance: 13.7miles (offroad)

Went onto the WHW for a long run with my cycling buddy. This was actually a really good run, it was so cold and icey but the paths were very busy and we did a fairly flat route. I ran the majority of the way, besides one incredibly steep path which i walked up...and we both kinda slipped back down... I took a few videos though which was good, and when I got home I had a nice relaxing afternoon before hanging out with a friend at night. Awesome stuff.

Friday 21/12

Type: Steady
Time: 37mins
Distance: 4.5miles

23.29mins at 8.15m/m pace for 2.85miles then 11.10mins at 8.3m/m.
Plus 2.16 hill at 7.55m/m !

That pace for the hill at the end of the run was actually phenomenal for me! pretty pleased about that. Rest of the run was good, saw my runner next door neighbour who waved, apparently he was out this morning, I wonder if he's training for a race....

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Thursday 20/12

Type: Speeds
Time: 34mins
Distance: 4.2miles

6.38min easy pace + 3 x 3.30min speeds with 3min recovery jogs + 6min steady

Quite a tough run, the speeds weren't so much "speeds" as they were faster than average pace. I'd had a late night and was pretty tired but did cope quite well. Plus the little 17 sec hill sprint at the end made me feel strangely accomplished...

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Tuesday 18/12

Type: Slow
Time: 43mins
Distance: 5miles
Time: 8.45m/m

I kept the pace fairly slow on this run, mainly because I didn't want my legs to become sore from yesterday when they weren't already. It worked well. Had some new music on my ipod and I felt full of energy at the end. Had a 10 minute row afterwards and a nice hot shower. Wore my friend's woolen gloves and my hands were so hot a sweaty! I think some of my birthday money is definitely going towards running gloves!!

Monday 17/12

Type: Long
Time: 1hr35mins
Distance: 11.1miles
Pace: 8.33m/m

My 21st birthday! I went a long run before playing squash, and it was great! Although I don't think the temperature was much about 0*C so it was incredibly cold outside! I've begun a training schedule now (on the runnersworld site), and i'm aiming to follow (as closely as I can) the sub 3.30 one. I may need some luck!
Squash was fantastic too. "Anon" got me a raquet for my birthday and it's a good one...I think I could have whipped his ass if I'd been playing to my full potential, though I was a little cold after the run. Also rowed for 10mins, and I've found that eating cashew nuts really helps me keep my strength after I run.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Friday 14/12

Type: Steady
Time: 28mins + 2.20mins hill
Distance: 4miles
Pace: 7.50mm

I am in an extremely good mood today (:
I feel terrible for not updating this! I have a diary full of running times that I've not marked up, mainly because I've forgotten the distances which I did! The longest run I've done recently was 16miles on the West Highland way with my cycling buddy who's hand is completely better now! We've done that route twice recently. I didn't have time to do a long run last weekend unfortunately and I felt myself coming down with a wee cold, so I figured taking one week off shouldn't hurt!

I entered the Edinburgh marathon again and plan to do another half marathon early next year, and one closer to the marathon too (that is if I get in, which I really hope I do!)

I'm going to come on here when I'm off during christmas at some point and update with all the runs I've done. For now though I'll just put in todays run....oh, and it's my 21st birthday on Monday!

Wednesday 12/12

Type: Speeds
Time: 25mins
Distance: 3.45miles

These were 2-3 minute speed sessions with recovery jogs in between. Just a quick one.

Tuesday 11/12

Type: Speeds
Time: 50mins
Distance: 6.2miles

I completely knackered myself after the first of these speeds sessions so i did the others slower. They lasted about 2/3 mins each but they were mainly downhill. I started and ended with a 5-8minute gentle jog but both were uphill and the jog home was fairly tiring.

Monday 10/12

Type: Easy
Time: 36mins
Distance: 4miles

I just fancied getting out for this run, since I'd not done my long run yesterday. I was fairly busy at the weekend.

Thursday 6/12

Type: Steady
Time: 37mins
Distance: 4.5miles

Can't really remember much about this run, other than I did 17mins at a reasonable pace then sped up for a short while then eased off a little towards the end, so the overall pace wasn't a steady one.

Monday 3/12

Type: Easy
Time: 27mins+2min hill
Distance: 3.7miles
Pace: 8m/m

This was my first run in ages at home. Was good though I'd forgotten how hilly it is!