Thursday, 31 July 2008

Wednesday 30/7

Type: Steady
Time: 47mins
Distance: 5.25 miles
Pace: 8.55m/m

The pain came back. Argh. While I was travelling in Europe we were walking around so much I developed a pain in the back of my knee. It's been constantly niggling for a while but not really sore as yet. Until this run. Everytime I went up a hill it hurt, hence the slow pace. I'm really annoyed. I thought not running for 3 weeks would help injuries heal! I've been massaging it a little, and tonight I'm going to stretch for a long time in the gym before heading out a run. If the pain comes back I'll stop and cross train tonight. I'm hoping it will be a bit better for the long run this weekend.
Ah the joys.

Monday 29/7

Type: Speeds
Time: 30mins
Pace: 5 mins @ 9.3m/m, 10 mins @ 8m/m, 10 mins @ 7.30 m/m, 5 mins @ 9.3m/m

A very quick speed session on the treadmill before playing squash. I'd eaten too quickly though prior to running so developed a bit of a stitch, but i stretched it out. I like the sprints, but I need some more good music on the old ipod if I'm going to make a regular deal of them. Right now my running "choon" (as my best friend would say) is Kids by MGMT. I'd recommend it!
Squash was brilliant (as usual), though the mosquito bites on my legs made my partner think I'd been involved in some kind of fight. We didn't keep points but I did make some good sneaky moves. I need to build up my strength and stop focusing on the wee sly shots!!
After squash I rowed for ten mins. Arm muscles were quite tender a few hours later.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sunday 28/7

Type: Cycle!!
Time: ~5/6 hours
Distance: 64 miles

My cycling friend and I went along the Forth &Clyde Canal to the Falkirk wheel, where we stopped for lunch, then we continued along Union canal to Edinburgh. Was a roasting hot day, we were sweating like crazy! Plus we kept a constant pace of about 12-15mph and all the flies ended up down my top! It was a really easy path, though we were both quite tired from late nights before. Dined in Edinburgh then cycled home from Glasgow Queen Street (stopping for a little pint refreshment on the way of course)
All in all, a good day's cycling. Hoepfully building up the muscles for the impending long runs!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Friday 25/7

Type: Long
Distance: 6.42miles
Time: 56mins 16secs
Pace: 8.45m/m

My first "long" run since starting back at my training. Felt okay though it was pretty warm outside. We're having a little heatwave in Glasgow at the moment. I practially ran out of work at 4pm so I could get to the gym and get out a run. The route was the usual one, only stopped once for traffic lights and ran the whole way up the big hill at Queen Margret Drive quite fast. I was glad I got over 6miles as the back of my leg is still hurting a little. This Sunday i plan to cycle 50miles to Edinburgh, so hopefully that non-impact will constitute my long run.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Thursday 24/7 (It's been so long!!)

Whaw, where to start?
To be honest, this is just going to be the quickest run down of the past few months I can manage before I get this blog up and running again!
in my training for the Edinburgh marathon this year I developed a chest infection which knocked me out for about 3/4 weeks. This, combined with studying for exams, really knocked my training, so I decided that, instead of running a competative race I would run for charity. Managed to raise £200 for Christian Aid, and I completed what was probably the best run I've ever done in a time of 4hours 10 mins.
In addition, I walked the West Highland Way over 5 days, and I cycled from Glasgow to Inverness over 4 days (over 200miles!). I've been travelling around Europe so that's me just back on with my training after 3 weeks of rest.

My next goal is the Loch Ness Marathon on October 5th, which I'm very happy to be running for the Scottish Veterans Residencies. Aiming for sub 4hours, but I'll be happy with whatever time I get as long as I raise as much money as I can!

In other news, I finished my degree (2:1) which I'm thrilled about...contemplating going back to do a PhD, in the meantime working full time and training!

So here's to a fresh start at training for yet another marathon....cheers! (:

Tuesday 22/7

Type: Easy
Time: 40mins
Distance: 4.7miles
Pace: 8.50m/m

A nice night run to break me back in gently. Have a slight twinge in the back of my right leg from walking so much while I was travelling! Will keep an eye on that.

Wednesday 23/7

Type: Steady
Time: 35mins
Distance: 4.27miles
Pace: 8.2m/m

I was so excited to get out and do this run after work. The sun was beating down and I thoroughly enjoyed it!