Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday 9/11

Type: Long-ish
Time: 46mins 30secs
Distance: 5.6miles
Pace: 8.36m/m

I have a really sore throat at the moment, so unfortunately this run couldn't really have been any longer (felt pretty bad when I got back as it was). I felt I needed to get out as I'd been doing Uni work all morning, but the cold air hitting my throat was a bit uncomfortable. Hopefully this wee run (which has made me feel better mentally in retrospect) hasn't had too much of an effect physically.

Thursday 6/11

Type: Short Fast
Time: 14mins 50secs
Distance: 1.75miles
Pace: 8.12m/m

Had such a limited amount of time to do this run so just did part of a normal route very very fast. Had slight sore legs afterwards as I kept the pace up even on the uphills!

Wednesday 5/11

Type: Steady
Time: 33mins
Distance: 4.2miles
Pace: 8.30m/m

Again, another late night run with many layers on!

Monday 3/11

Type: Short
Time: 29mins
Distance: 3.5miles
Pace: 8.50m/m

Did this run really late at night. Stupid Uni is getting in the way of all my runs these days ): The course is so time consuming - we're in pretty much 9-5/6/7 a lot of days, so by the time I get home and dinner made it's difficult to find the motivation to run, especially with the cold nights coming in. Despite that, I did this one with a big jumper on in the West End and really felt good afterwards.

Saturday 1/11

Type: Long-ish
Time: 55mins
Distance: 6.25miles
Pace: 8.55m/m

Had to cut this run short as I was due to be heading up to Fort William for a wedding in the afternoon and wasn't ready at all! Felt quite tight going out on this one as I hadn't done a good run whilst not tired in a while, but besides that all was well.

Wednesday 29/10

Type: Long Fast
Time: 56mins
Distance: 6.7miles
Pace: 8.40m/m

This run was terrific. Did it when I got home from Uni and although it was quite late, I'd had a nice big lunch so was full of energy. I went further and faster than I'd planned (as I was going out for dinner later and so needed to hurry) but I kept the pace and was really proud.