Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday 31/8

Type: Long
Time: 2hrs 38mins
Distance: 17.6miles
Pace: 9m/m

It took me forever to actually get out this run! I got up really early and was nice and refreshed but I didn't head out until after 12.30pm. There were a few little problems with this run, overall though I was pleased with how I felt at the end.

Strangely, at the start I was completely knackered. My legs felt very heavy and I seemed to be very close to the ground, like I was really having to push off with every step...if that makes sense? Then, I chose a very very hilly few miles in the first few miles of the run. It was on road, but on back roads and I had to stop once or twice as the uphills were so daunting. Passed a few runners coming in the opposite direction so maybe I chose the wrong direction!

I think the reason may be that my shoes are worn out. When I got back from Barcelona my dad had left a note in my shoes saying something along the lines of "DO NOT run in these shoes, you're going to injure yourself a new pair!!"
So I guess I should. I'm going to miss my old Adrenalines though! (sniff sniff)

Oh, and another thing. I've found my song of the moment. It's shocking - it's some teenage american princess off of a tv show my little sister tells me, but the song got me going during my big hill at the end of my run! For the first time in ages it made me run along with a huge smile on my face! Cars must have given me weird looks, but I really didn't care...this song totally boosted my spirits! The song is called "See you again" by Miley Cyrus.

Oh, and my mileage for August comes to a grand total of 109.98miles, with a 10 mile cycle too.

Friday 29/8

Type: Steady
Time: 41mins 30secs
Distance: 4.88miles
Pace: 8.32m/m

Felt much better today so headed out a wee run after leaving work at lunch time. The weather was good - it was very hot though. Passed another runner on the big hill back up to my house who seemed to be struggling as much as I was. Flashed one another a smile though and it gave me the "cheer" to keep going. A smile really does go a long way!

Thursday 28/8

Type: Speeds
Time: 26mins 30secs
Distance: 3.15miles

Did a few speedy miles at 8.15m/m before a 8.35m/m cool down for about half a mile. This was done during my lunch hour at work and I really wasn't feeling that great. In retrospect I need to stop doing this - going runs when I don't feel up to it. When I got back to work I just wanted to go to my bed. The run itself was good but it really drained me.

Had a lovely meal cooked for me that night (thanks toots ;) )while I lay on the sofa and watched a movie. Got a good nights sleep and rested for a day or so before my long run this weekend. Felt better the next day.

Wednesday 27/8

Type: Warm up
Time: 8mins 30 secs
Distance: 1 mile

Just a very very quick run before playing squash. Had to go straight from work so didn't have time for a longer run. Squash was great! I've been swapping partners recently so it's interesting to see the improvement from when I last played with each of them! My arms were really sore afterwards for some reason though.

Tuesday 26/8

Type: Short
Time: 23mins 30 secs
Distance: 2.8 miles
Pace: 8.23m/m

Well, after a nice relaxing weekend it's back to normality. This was just a wee run to break me in. My boyfriend is back from travelling around Europe now so I'm having the luxury of going out runs whilst he naps on my sofa...

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Thursday 21/8

Type: Long
Time: 2hrs
Distance: 14.33 miles
Pace: 8.55m/m

This run was tough. As I'd written before, I'd kind of psyched myself up for it, but I didn't end up doing the course I planned because the head wind was terrible on the way back. It really slowed me down considerably. I kept going though towards the end my legs were beginning to feel like jelly - too long since I'd last eaten, this 14miler was practicaly done on empty.

I'm glad I did it though, now I'm going to pack for my trip after a nice hearty lasagne. Then it's bed at 9.30pm....this will be a laugh! (:

A thought...

I'm on my lunch break at work at the moment and I'm thinking about my long run later. I've got a route planned out, though it includes about 3 miles of ascent towards the end, followed by a long winding downhill. I'm feeling a bit mixed about this run.
I wouldn't normally write this down, but i have a bit of time to kill so I will. Firstly, I'm planning on taking this as slow as I like. I feel a bit apprehensive, like something is going to go wrong, I don't know why but I hopefully will be fine. I'm going away tomorrow which I'm so excited about as there'll be a little reunion for me - another thing which I'm really apprehensive about!! I've been thinking about it for a while now so I reckon the run will be a good head clearer...then I'll go home, have dinner, pack and get an early night. Gotta be up at 4am!!!

I could just miss out this long run, then however I'd only have one long run before the GSR half on September 7th, and I'd like to run Loch Ness in a good time.

On another note, I got my Nike+ fixed. I checked on the net and it seemed that people in America could take theirs to the Apple stores to get the batteries replaced. So I phoned up the Apple store in Buchanan St and booked an appointment to go in. When I did, the guy (who was very friendly) seemed a bit perplexed. He spent a while asking around, looking on his computers to see how on Earth the tiny little battery could be extracted and changed in this tiny wee device. Eventually, however, he just gave up.........and gave me a whole new one! Even opened the packet and handed it to me (: A great success - saved paying £19 for another one!!!!! So for any queries or worries you have about apple or related products, I'd definitely recommend going in to ask at the Apple store. They were so charming I was almost conned into buying another ipod (I have 5 already!).

Anyhoo, will update later tonight on the run. Best get back to work now. 3 hours till finitooooooo...

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Tuesday 19/8

Type: Steady
Time: 36 mins
Distance: 4.30miles
Pace: 8.25 m/m

A good run, though the weather turned shocking so quickly this afternoon! I read in the paper that some areas in East Kilbride and Cambuslang were flooded - no surprise! It had stopped raining by the time I went out, and the drips from the trees were quite refreshing.

Played squash after this run, was a good game. Started off well but got quite tired towards the end though - to the supreme annoyance of my squash partner... I think I'll have a day off tomorrow before the long run on Thursday. Don't want to tire myself for my wee trip this weekend, and I'm feeling a lot more tired these days, maybe because I've increased my mileage by quite a lot in a short space of time. I'm excited to see how this month's mileage compares to last months!!

Monday 18/8

Type: Speeds
Time: 29mins
Distance: 3.75miles

This was a good run after work. I was intending to keep it slow as my quads were still quite sore from the long run and cycle at the weekend, but I felt good so kept the pace up. Managed:
1mile @ 8.15 m/m
1mile @ 8 m/m
1 mile @ 7.50 m/m

Then I cooled down for the rest at about 8.45 m/m. Overall it was fun though my Nike+ thing keeps being stupid.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sunday 17/8

Type: Cycle
Distance: 10miles
Time: 1hour

This was just to get out the house really, but I did include quite a few tricky hills while scouting for new running routes. It began to get really dark though, and as I was cycling back through this pitch black path I thought I heard someone come up behind me. Consequently I picked up the pace exponentially and stung my leg by cycling like hell through a patch of jaggy nettles.

Note to self - get lights for bike. Probably the smartest thing I could do at the moment...

Saturday 16/8

Type: Long
Time: 2hr 16mins
Distance: 15.5miles
Pace: 8.40 m/m

After not having run for a week and very much lazing out in Barcelona, I found this run a bit of a struggle at first. I was worried, because the course out along the canal to Kirkintilloch was essentially flat, though it was very warm. However, by the time I was running back along the main road, I'd found a new energy and really picked up the pace. There weren't any particuarly long hills on this run, but now I know of a few which next week I will include in my 17/18 miler.

I'm away to Paris at the weekend so, again, won't be running for a few days. I am, however, beginning to include cross training in my training plan so I'm hoping this will compensate. I think my next long run will either be done on Thursday night or, failing that, next Tuesday.

Saturday 9/8

Type: Long
Time: 2hours
Distance: 13.5 miles
Pace: ~9.10 m/m

This was a great long run. Was pretty rainy which wasn't fantastic, but it kept me cool. I ran out towards Torrance and back via McDonalds in Milngavie, where I stopped for water. I got some weird looks entering McDonalds to ask for tap water on a Saturday afternoon! The problem in the run arose at the big hill just after McDonalds. It was really the only difficulty, my legs were tired so I had to stop half way up and walk. It's not so much that this is a long hill, but it's fairly steep at some points. There's always people walking half way up too, which kind of spurs you on to keep running!!
I always run up the long, winding hill at the end of most of my runs though, so I'm hoping that this stands me in good ground for the hill at 17miles of Loch Ness. We'll see....

Tuesday/Thursday 5/7 /8

My stupid nike+ thing went dead and I lost all my run data, then I was on holiday in Barcelona between 10th and 15th of August.
I ran on these two dates and i reckon I covered about ten miles between the two. I may have run another day on the treadmill, I just can't remember. Argh.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Monday 3/8

Type: Steady
Time: 39 mins
Distance: 4.90 miles
Pace: 7.55m/m

I'm simultaneously giddy and angry about this run. Firstly, it was kind of an accident - I had a mix up over squash times and missed my court, so I went a run instead. I'd had a big pasta dinner and I think that's tje reason the run went so well. I had so much energy throughout, even "sprinting" (this pace is a sprint for me!!!!) up a long, winding hill at Hyndland. BUT, here's the thing. I forgot my Nike+ sensor thing in my ipod, so this run which I'm very proud of never got registered! Ah well. To be honest for all I love my Nike+ (it's a lot easier and quicker than mapmyrun), I think mine might be malfunctioning - after every single run I hear Paula Radcliffe's voice saying "Hope you're feeling great, cause you're certainly doing great, you've covered 500 more kilometers..."

Somehow I don't think "she's" rightly praising me with this every time I run! Anyway, loved this run, and was especially proud of how fast I went considering the large hill in the middle.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Saturday 2/8

Type: Long
Time: 1hr 30mins
Distance: 10.40 miles
Pace: 8.55 m/m

I think the first 3 miles of this run were done at a slower pace than the last 7ish, so the average pacing is a bit off. It was a gloriously sunny day today, I'd spent the morning at the opticians who was letting me try out contact lenses. He's a runner himself, and he pointed out that I'm doing what is, perhaps one of the most scenic marathons in Scotland and I won't be able to see very much beyond the runners in front of me!
It's true, I'm quite short sighted, and I never wear my glasses out running and it's a shame as I miss the details of the scenery I run amongst. Today's run was focused out in the country which was fantastic. I managed a new route with a sharp ascent, though I did get lost half way and had to stop for 5mins waiting for a phonecall with directions!!!

By the end of the run I was feeling great, though I thought I shouldn't push it, so stuck with the ten miler. Didn't have too much to eat straight after, but was out at a party where the buffet was welcomed that night!!!!

Friday 1/8

Type: Warm up
Time: 15mins
Pace: 9.30 m/m

This was a warm up run before I rowed 3km. I wouldn't normally have included this, but what I notcied was that the calf pain was more of a click now than an actual pain, and it's definitely associated with going uphill.....maybe that's not so good for the marathon planned!

Thursday 31/7

Type: Steady
Time: 36mins 30secs
Distance: 4.36miles
Pace: 8.22 m/m

Okay, so I didn't really stretch as much as I should have before this run, but I did stop half way through and stretch out my calf. As this run was in the West End, it's a lot less hilly, so there was a lot less pain, which was good. All in all, I was pleased with this run.