Friday, 26 September 2008

Thursday 25/9

Type: Short/Fast/Hill Reps
Time: 25mins + 25mins
Distance: 3.3miles + reps

This was very very unexpected tonight! As I was heading out my short run, I heard somebody shouting to me "they're going that way". When I looked over I saw a man approaching me outside the gym. He told me he was the coach of the Glasgow Uni Hares and Hounds running club, and asked why I wasn't going out with the group (who'd presumably just left). I told him I'd never really been invloved in a club and explained a bit about my running. He told me to go for a 20min warm up then to meet them at Kelvingrove park for hill reps. He was very pleasant. Apparently he'd trained a commonwealth games marathon runner who used to come to Glasgow Uni.

I spent my whole run debating whether or not to meet them, but eventually thought "what the hey". So I did. It was around this time last year that my running took a turn for the worst because I had some real stresses in my personal life, and I'm just so so happy to be out running everyday again, with more confidence than I've ever had before. I figured, if I don't do this now, when will I? So, I went and met them after quite a fast warm up run.

I did 2 sets of 5 45second hill rep sessions with 1min 45 recovery. My average pace for each was about 7.55 m/m, which I guess is ok for a first time try. The coach seemed impressed I'd done all of them. A lot of people only did 3 reps. And here's the big thing - my legs were a little bit sore today! That's not happened after a mid week run in a long time!! So I must say, I'm impressed. I think I will join them for their hill rep sessions on a Thursday as much as I can manage.

All in all, a very interesting run.

Wednesday 24/9

Type: Steady
Time: 37mins
Distance: 4.5miles
Pace: 8.3m/m

A nice steady run just as it was getting dark. I enjoyed this one, though I felt we are getting into winter now as, while starting, I had the urge to pull my sleeves down to cover my hands as I was so cold! That feeling disappeared (as it usually does) about 5mins into the run though when the heat hit in!
I'm getting quite obsessed with elevation profiles now. This is a typical one from my mid week runs.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Saturday 20/9

Type: Long
Time: 2hr 45mins
Distance: 18miles
Pace: 9.10m/m

An amazing long run in Inverness with my boyfriend cycling alongside.

Did the upper road route (ie, not the one which the marathon will be on), which meant a very long, fairly steep hill out of Dores. I stopped 3 times, I must say, but only once through sloth!! One time I needed to take my jacket off, the other time my bf stopped and I figured (since he was a bit poorly and had driven me all the way out to cycle beside me) I would stop to keep him company. We were debating whether or not going up hill is easier cycling... Personally I think it's harder running as you have a little momentum on a bike....but he seemed to think the weight of the bike makes it harder.
Our debate ran dry however when it became harder to run/cycle up the hill and talk at the same time.

The course was absolutely beautiful, alongside a loch and the road was very quiet. It's great to have someone to chat to when you're running. I only used my headphones for the very end when D scooted off down the hill about 8 times faster than I could run. The last downhill was fantastic! Overall an absolutely brilliant run, I wish I'd done a few more runs up there when I was visiting in the past.

So now the plan is maybe an 11/12miler this weekend. I stayed up in Inverness longer than I'd planend and we were so busy (climbed a cairngorm on Monday - photos to follow), so I never got the chance to run again. I'll do three this week before the weekend, then next week perhaps 3 before Sunday, including one mid week seven miler. Can't believe the marathon is the weekend after next! It seems as though I've justbeen swamped over the past few months and it's crept up so quickly, which does pose the sponsorship money problem though - I'm not as high as I would have liked to be.
So I'm turning to you! My viewers!

Please, if you can, sponsor me. As little or as much as you can. I'd hate all this training to go to waste, I want to raise as much as I can!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wednesday 16/9

Type: Longer steady
Time: 52mins
Distance: 6.10miles
Pace: 8.30m/m

Decided I wanted to see a bit of countryside tonight, so instead of running in the west end after work I came home and ran out my usual Torrance route. Was a very good run! I was tired to begin with but I felt I kept the pace nice and steady throughout, and the gradual uphill the whole way back seemed very easy - even managed a 7.50m/m pace up the bit hill at the end!

I know there's always a complaint, but my nose felt numb and tingly a lot of the time today and out running too I think. I wonder what that is...

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Tuesday 16/9

Type: Speeds
Time: 35mins
Distance: 4.3miles

Did a little steady warm up then every 5 mins or so I upped the pace to between 7.50-8.20 m/m, followed by 5 mins at about 8.40m/m. Was good. It was peeing down with rain, as it has been for a few days now (what's with this weather?) so I got absolutely soaked but it was nice and refreshing. I know I should really do faster speed sessions but I prefer having fun running any distance I want at a speed that's comfortable. I know I'll need to push myself out of my comfort zone though if I ever want to run a sub 3.45 marathon!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sunday 14/9

Type: Long
Time: 3hrs 2mins
Distance: 20.2 miles
Pace: 9.05 m/m

I'd been dreaming about this run all night...not in a good way though! I woke feeling completely sick, because in my dream I'd been on a fairground ride which made me sick. Had a nice bowl of porridge, but some tunes on my ipod then went out. I went slowly and steadily at first, but completely lagged in the middle. It's strange, becuase at about 16miles I found inspiration again and was completely looking forward to the hills! It was quite hilly at about 16 miles, but I had to stop half way up. I saw a cow next to me and we just kind of looked at one another for a moment...then I started to run up the hill again.

The cow overtook me.

How humiliating. Anyway, finished this run feeling nicely refreshed, with a sandwich from tesco waiting. And consequently didn't stop eating the rest of the day. Next week's long run will be in Inverness on the marathon route, then I'm hoping to do a short 10/11 miler before the marathon. Got more sponsorship today too!

I compared my long run profile with the profile of Loch Ness. I don't think it's very accurate, as the Loch Ness course drops from over 500ft to 200 or so, where my elevation does have a few steep hills, the overall ascent and descent is a lot lower. I'm happy with the overall elevation though, especially the hill at 16miles which I gave my best shot!

Thursday 11/9

Type: Longer steady
Time: 52mins
Distance: 6.3 miles
Pace: 8.34m/m

I ate dinner early in work - the chef prepared pasta for me - then I went out a run in the gym. Had more time because my friend cancelled squash so I went a bit longer. Felt really good, think it's because I was properly fed today.

Was still pretty tired afterwards though, so went home and chilled.

Wednesday 10/9

Type: Swim

Just a little 10 lengths as planned. Feel it stretches my muscles out and makes them feel less tight.

Tuesday 9/9

Type: Short
Time: 33mins
Distance: 4.2 miles
Pace: 8.25m/m

I did this quick run after work. I've been feeling so lethargic these days - completely drained of energy. My job isn't taxing most of the time, but I have been working long hours and I've also constantly been thinking about what to do next year in terms of Uni, so I'm just tired all the time. I also don't think I've been timing my meals well enough - being in work I generally just have a banana sandwich most days and snack on nuts. It doesn't really fill me up well. This run went ok, btu I was very tired afterwards. Think I will go for a gentle swim and then one more run this week before the big long run on Sunday!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Monday 8/9

Type: Swim

Today my muscles were still a little tight, so I went a swim during my lunch hour. Did about 10 lengths front crawl then a couple of lengths breast stroke and backcrawl. I'm not a great swimmer but I do enjoy it! Plus a chill out in the sauna afterwards is always good.

Sunday 7/9 - Great Scottish Run

Type: Half Marathon
Time: 1hr 47mins
Distance: 13.1miles

Well.....this year's half marathon was good! Started off with my friend Gregor though lost him after a mile. Kept a steady pace and didn't slow at all for 11 miles...roughly 8.27m/m pace. However, when I reached mile 11 and saw the time was 1hr 31, I realised I'd have to push it to get 1hr 45 (which was my goal). So I really kicked up the pace, and did the last 2.1miles at about 8 m/m pace. I was so pleased with that, as I don't usually run at that pace, but unfortunatley I picked up the pace a little late and just missed 1hr 45. I was a little gutted but still really pleased!

My muscles were pretty sore afterwards, mostly my quads. Gregor did fantastically, finishing in 1hr 35! Well done to him - his first half. I'd also like to say a thank you to my boyfriend who, after me making us late and gregor and I just jumping out the car at George square, drove the car, parked it, walked about town and came to meet me at the finish. What a sweetie.

Feeling good about Loch Ness now!

Friday 5/9

Type: Easy
Time: 35mins
Distance: 4.00miles
Pace: 8.35m/m

Went this run after I finished work at lunchtime. Wasn't meant to be in work but got called in to fax some things. I'd spent the morning cleaning too so was pretty knackered but lunch time! I also thought I'd lost my contact lense in my eyeball before my run...turns out I hadn't. I'm still having so much hassle with them even though my optician (a fellow runner) says they're a MUST for the loch ness marathon!

My boyfriend came back from Inverness today so I went to collect him after this run and we had a wee party in my house at night....didn't get to sleep till about 5.30am...bit worried about the effect of that on Sunday!!

Thursday 4/9

Type: Speeds
Time: 30mins
Distance: ~ 4miles

This was 800m warm up and 800m cool down, with 6 x 800m fast @ roughly 7.50 m/m.

Wednesday 3/9

Type: Steady
Time: 40mins
Distance: 4.8miles
Pace: 8.22 m/m

This run was done just after dinner, and it was pretty hot outside. I tried to give my dinner enough time to go down but I still felt a stitch coming on so had to slow it a little in the middle. I actually got new running shoes today. My old ones were pretty well wrecked, so I got the same Brooks Adrenaline. They're so pretty!!! They look so new though...and they're so....bouncy!

Tuesday 2/9

Type: Short
Time: 15mins
Distance: 1.5miles
Pace: 9 m/m

This was just a little short one since I didn't have much time. It was actually done on the treadmill because I did a 3k row afterwards. I feel I'm not really working on my core enough.