Monday, 12 September 2011

12/9/11 - GSR and a well needed update

Again, it has been a while since I posted. Seems life takes over all the time...

As I sit here I am down in Cambridge...moved down at the weekend. Was incredibly sad to be leaving Glasgow but let's not go into that. I know that I'm taking a big leap so let's just hope it pays off!

So now, my main gripe about being down here (besides the obvious) is how flat it is. I can't honestly beleive it - it's so different from my normal runs on WHW and around Mugdock at home. I have done the run into Cambridge centre twice. Once along cycle route 51 (11.75miles out and back) and then today I went into Cambridge along the new guided busway path and back via cycle route 51 (13.25miles). I'm seeing what run will be best for cycling/running into Uni and thinking that, although it's on minor roads, cycle route 51 would be best. Despite the busway being an awesome running track, it is very exposed (almost got blown off my feet today!) and I don't think it would be nice on a blustery day.

So what else has been happening...did the Great Scottish Run on 4th September in 1hour 43 mins, which I was over the moon about. A new PB for me...over 1.5mins faster than my previous half time which is quite good going considering I have had roughly the same half marathon time between 2007-2011!! A tiny race report...

I started off the run myself after having cheered my dad off on the 10k (which he did in an excellent 1hr 1min despite very little training!). Again, the start was really crowded. I know a lot of people don't like it but I actually love the buzz...although I'm conscious I look like a show-off running past everyone to push ahead, but hey.

The whole run went surprisingly well. I am pretty bad at pacing myself over halfs...hence 4 years worth of times between 1hr 47-1hr 52! I normally begin flagging around Pollock park but luckily this didn't happen this year. I remembered back to last year...I did the GSR with my knees all bandaged up since I had been having SERIOUS knee problems after wearing those stupid motto - if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it!!!

So yes I ended up maintaining a fairly good pace. I did slow down a little in the middle but only because I was concerned I was going to flag at the end. But it didn't happen - I kept going strong and was still smiling at the end...

Always missing my "fans"!!

So yes, was very pleased with the GSR.

My next plans? Well, I have a place for Loch Ness which I am dying to take up, but problem is I have induction at University until 2.30pm on Saturday 1st...which means it would be incredibly tight getting up to Inverness for Sunday morning. I am contemplating driving to the airport and getting a flight up at 4.20pm...too tight??? Maybe.

Other options? Well I have been looking at runs down here. Norfolk marathon looks ok, as do a few others but none have really taken my fancy enormously. If I don't do Loch Ness I will try for another half this year...maybe sub 1hr 43? Miracles do happen...

I just need to find some good hills to train on...this is my first challenge!! (:

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John Kynaston said...

Well done on your pb. I was supporting Katrina who ran 1.44.35.

I think I saw you at some points.

All the best with your settling in to Cambridge.