Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Fling Disappointment

Well, I guess it's not actually a disappointment, more like a non-starter. I had been up in Inverness last weekend and decided to spend the week chilling out in Glasgow before the Fling. On Thursday I began to feel weird, was exhausted and dizzy. Yesterday I could feel a sore throat starting so used the Vicks first defence and it did go away into the day. I went to bed quite early last night but tossed and turned all night. When I eventually did get up at 4.30am my throat was really sore, along with a headache. It was quite a tough decision, as a few asprin may have sorted me out, but I thought about it and realised that there was no point in running for the sake of running. I wanted to enjoy it and I really didn't feel I had the energy to finish the 50miles, especially after barely sleeping. So, I have a heavy heart today but hopefully I made the right choice. I'm heading back down south tomorrow and am hoping I feel a bit better later so I could do a wee run over Conic Hill tomorrow with my friend. So looking ahead to the future I have one ultra and one marathon planned. I may also enter the GSR half. I was looking at the Strathearn marathon at the beginning of June, although I'm not sure what will happen with Uni yet so I'm probably safer to wait until closer the time before entering. Oh well, hope everybody running the Fling has a truly great day. It's certainly the weather for it.


Tim said...

Bad luck regarding the Fling but I'm sure a sensible decision. It's hard when your heart is set on something but the Fling will be there next year and hopefully so will you.

Silke said...

O no! That's why I never saw you! So disappointing when the training was done and you were injury-free. The week before a race is really stressful because an infection like this can get you anytime,no matter what you do. That is one of my big worries for the Big One in June! Hope you are feeling much better already! Silke

Silke said...

Not sure if my first comment ever got to you! Might have sent it 6times without realising. Hope you feel better by now! Was looking out for you but obviously had no chance of finding you in the crowd. Silke